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Woman who recovered from Corona Virus shares her experience to reassure others


As of today, there are currently 220,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide. With over 9,000 deaths, it is a growing concern for everyone who are afraid to catch the virus. But, there is still good news.

The good news is that for those who are younger, there’s a relatively low risk of needing hospitalisation. But for those who are older or have preexisting conditions, there’s more concern, with fatality rates of 10% to 27% for those 85 and older. That’s why nations around the world are isolating vulnerable people from the rest of society.

Twitter user Bjonda Haliti recently took to the social media platform in an attempt to relieve some of this anxiety. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a few days of illness and decided to share her experience online to inform others.

I’ve been debating on posting,” Haliti wrote. “But I want to share my experience especially with those around my age to help bring awareness, and to relieve any stress/anxiety some may have due to the pandemic.


Woman who recovered from Corona Virus shares her experience to reassure others

It all just started with a dry cough

A day later the fever kicks in, according to CDC this is one of the more common symptom of the virus

Along with those symptoms came a migraine, chills, and mild nausea. At this point, Haliti visited the doctor who said she had an infection.

It’s worth noting that while Haliti was prescribed ibuprofen, some doctors are recommending against taking the drug to relieve the symptoms of coronavirus unless paracetamol is not suitable for you.

After a few days of fever, it finally broke. But along came another common symptom of coronavirus — short breath. At this point, Haliti attempted a self-diagnosis test, but that proved inconclusive. If you are showing symptoms and believe that you may have coronavirus, you should seek a professional test.

On day 5, Haliti was finally given a coronavirus test, but she’d have to wait several days before she got the results. Until results are out she was recommended to self-isolate.

Over the next few days, it became pretty clear that Haliti was recovering.

On day 10, Haliti finally received her test results, and she was positive for coronavirus.

“I am continuing to self-isolate and take care of myself,” Haliti explains. Today I am feeling great and healthy! I will need to retest in order to be cleared. That’s if I can find a doctor who’s willing to retest me. Haven’t had any luck so far.”

Haliti went on to encourage people: “Don’t panic if you are feeling symptoms. Take initiative and follow CDC guidelines. We’re going to get through this!”

After her twitter thread went viral, people were quick to thank Haliti for sharing her experience. “I really applaud you sharing this,” one user wrote. “This could lessen the panic and reinforce people to be responsible of self-quarantining! Thanks so much and please get better soon.

While another added: “This is amazing. An amazing service to us all. Thank you!  Sending my best for a full recovery.”


Story from: Upworthy


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