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Wesbury seniors share positive messages to their loved ones amidst crisis


The residents of Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center decided to have a little fun today and lighten the mood by sending messages to their friends and family. Wesbury seniors share positive messages. Nations around the globe are enforcing strict lockdowns to flatten the curve and slow down the spread of the virus. One of the biggest sectors affected are the most vulnerable. Our seniors currently in resident and aged care facilities.

Thanks to modern technology, we can still send care to our loved ones via facetime, skype, or even good old facebook. Our seniors have experienced so much that they can somehow see the something positive despite the current situation. See their cute messages below.


These senior residents from Wesbury share positive messages to their loved ones amidst crisis


Love and miss you all!

Will trade toilet paper for snack!

To my family, be prepared for lots of laundry!

As long as I have a newspaper, I am good!

Putting the FUN in Social Distancing!

I’m doing great! I’m having cake for dinner!

For Sale: Used hand sanitizer and a handful of toilet paper

Dear Bob, I love and miss you! I’m doing great over here!

Three words: Toilet. Paper. Crafts. Miss you!

Eat. Nap. Bingo. Repeat

I’m ready to fly outta here!

Need more wine please! (for communion of course)

The Leprechaun got through the checkpoint!

I’m alright, the chicks still dig me!

Don’t worry! We have plenty of toiletpaper!

We tae toilet paper seriously… well sort of! Haha!

Dear family, I love and miss you and I’m doing great!

Today’s devotion: 101 uses of toiletpaper!

I love you and I miss you!

Roll of toilet paper for 29.99 lolz

Don’t you love seeing more of this? 🙂

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