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Future-Proofing Aged Care: The Benefits of Employing Young People through Y Careers


In the ever-evolving landscape of aged care, securing a sustainable and skilled workforce is paramount.

As leaders in the sector, you understand the pressing need for innovative solutions to address workforce shortages and plan for the future. Y Careers offers an innovative approach, presenting a unique opportunity to harness the potential of young people to meet these challenges head-on.

The Critical Need for a New Workforce Strategy

Australia’s aged care sector is experiencing a significant shortfall in workers, a situation expected to escalate dramatically in the coming years. Projections indicate a need for an additional 1 million care workers over the next decade to adequately support our aging population. Simultaneously, youth unemployment and underemployment remain high, with many young Australians struggling to find meaningful career pathways.

Traditional recruitment and training models are no longer sufficient to address these dual challenges. We need a strategy that not only fills immediate vacancies but also builds a pipeline of skilled, dedicated professionals for the future. This is where Y Careers steps in, offering a tailored solution by focusing on the employment of young people.

Why Employing Young People is the Key to Future Workforce Planning

Employing young people through Y Careers provides numerous benefits that extend beyond merely filling positions. Here’s why integrating young talent into your workforce is a strategic move for the future of aged care:

  1. Long-Term Workforce Sustainability
    Young workers represent the future of the aged care sector. By investing in their development today, you ensure a steady supply of skilled professionals who can grow and evolve with your organisation. This long-term view helps mitigate the risk of future shortages and creates a more stable and resilient workforce.
  2. Fresh Perspectives and Innovation
    Young people bring new ideas, energy, and perspectives that can drive innovation within your organisation. Their familiarity with technology and contemporary approaches to care can lead to improved efficiencies, better care outcomes, and innovative solutions to ongoing challenges.
  3. Enhanced Recruitment and Retention
    Y Careers provides access to a pool of young people who are eager to build a career in aged care. The program’s comprehensive support, including dedicated Career Coaches, ensures these young workers are well-prepared and supported, leading to higher retention rates.
  4. Skill Development and Training
    Through the Traineeship program, young people receive industry-specific training, a Certificate III in Individual Support providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge. Additionally, there’s the option of undertaking a second traineeship, focusing on either a Certificate IV in Aged Care or Disability. To further enhance their skill set, the program includes micro-credentialing in employability and entrepreneurship skills.
  5. Community and Resident Engagement
    Young workers often bring a vibrant, dynamic presence that can positively impact the lives of aged care residents. Their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives can enhance the overall environment, leading to higher satisfaction among residents and their families.
  6. Social Responsibility and Community Impact
    By providing meaningful employment opportunities to young people, you contribute to reducing youth unemployment and underemployment. This not only benefits the individuals involved but also strengthens communities and supports broader economic stability.

Y Careers is more than just a recruitment initiative; it’s a comprehensive program designed to build sustainable careers in the aged care sector. Here’s how Y Careers ensures success for both employers and young people:

  • Co-Designed Programs: Developed in collaboration with industry leaders and young people, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  • Dedicated Support: Career Coaches provide continuous guidance and support to trainees, enhancing their success and satisfaction.
  • Employer Partnerships: Tailored matching of young people to employers based on specific needs and preferences.
  • Career Pathways: Clear progression opportunities for young people, fostering long-term commitment and development within the sector.

The benefits of employing young people through Y Careers are clear: a sustainable workforce, fresh perspectives, enhanced community engagement, and a commitment to social responsibility. As aged care leaders, you can shape the future of the care industry by investing in the next generation of care professionals.

Partnering with Y Careers is not just a strategic decision—it’s a commitment to building a resilient, innovative, and compassionate aged care sector. Ensuring that our communities continue to receive the quality care they deserve, both now and in the future.

For more information on how to become an Employer Partner and explore the benefits of a Y Careers trainee, please visit the website, or contact Paul Konig, Executive Manager, Service Delivery at Y Careers on 0411 945 101 or email


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