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Speed up Your Hiring Process by Putting Worker Compliance Checks on Autopilot With New AI Made for Aged Care & Healthcare


By automating candidate compliance checks, Uniting NSW drastically reduced candidate time-to-compliance by 25%.

High staff turnover, slow hiring processes, and compliance headaches. It’s a familiar tale for many aged & health care organisations. The traditional methods of managing workforce compliance often involve manual processes, scattered documents, and time-consuming tasks.

Getting a candidate from application to payroll-ready can be tedious and slow, often taking up to 45 days. But what if it could be done in just three days?

Uniting NSW, one of Australia’s largest aged care providers, has achieved remarkable results using Zipline. By automating candidate compliance checks, Uniting NSW reduced candidate time-to-compliance by 25%, significantly speeding up the hiring process. Zipline is an Australian Workforce Compliance software designed specifically for healthcare. It automates compliance for candidates, full-time employees, volunteers, locums, agency staff, and contractors.

Like many other organisations, Uniting NSW had three main issues:
1. Difficulty in quickly filling roles with preferred candidates
2. Uncertainty about workforce compliance
3. Cybersecurity concerns

These issues led to a cycle of inefficiencies, increased costs, and potential risks to vulnerable individuals under their care.

To tackle these challenges, Zipline’s team worked closely with Uniting NSW, achieving great results in just 4 short months:
● Reduction in manual admin time by 22%, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic tasks
● Time to compliance per candidate dropped by 25%, with some candidates achieving full compliance in just one to two days.
● Improved candidate experience, positioning Uniting NSW as a preferred employer in the competitive healthcare sector.

How did Zipline exactly help?

All the Compliance Checks in one place
● Zipline does all compliance checks, or, collects the doc & validates
● This is automated: no need for you to go to portals (VEVO, AHPRA)
● Auto changes if regulations change: e.g for a role or state specific requirements
● Works with systems you use, integrates with your ATS &\or HRIS

No more chasing up!

● Saves >40% of TA time giving them time to spend on high value tasks (sourcing new candidates etc.)
● SMS & email channels with AI to engage with your candidates in the ways they respond to. Uniting NSW now relies heavily on the AI summary of reference checks.
● Continuous AI learning leads to better and better conversion rates, as our AI learns what your candidates respond best to

Zipline AI auto approves & rejects docs
● Reduces your TA time & risk of human error
● Improves the candidate/ employee experience – catching issues in the moment
● AI extracts expiry dates to track ongoing compliance

Single Source of Truth for Worker Compliance
● Polls key checks on a daily basis (e.g. VEVO, APHRA)
● Syncs our “Green little dot” 🟢 with your systems ( ATS/ Payroll/ HRIS )

Sleep well. No radioactive docs lying around
● Auto-comply with Australian Privacy Policy with Zipline’s Healthcare
● No more local storage all in the local Australian Microsoft Azure Cloud
● Data retention in line with your policies & Government requirements

If you’re interested in learning more about how Zipline can help your organisation achieve similar results, visit for more information.


Min Yee is an Account Manager at Zipline, helping Aged Care and Healthcare
organisations ensure only compliant workers are around vulnerable people, for a safe & great experience.

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