About Healthcare Channel

Healthcare is the largest industry in Australia with over 1.3 million people employed in the sector. So, with all these people engaged in the industry, why has there not been more of an emphasis on the sharing of knowledge?

The Healthcare Channel is Australia’s premier resource of information for healthcare. Free, easy to access learning for aged and health care professionals.

This is the platform to empower all people working at every level of the sector with a passion to grow the health and aged care industry.

Our Mission and Vision

To inspire people in the aged/health sector to connect, share stories, and develop their skills through our online channels and events.

Benefits of Joining the Healthcare Channel

We encourage and support our network to care about and involve themselves in our vision. Stay at the forefront of knowledge for all, for free. Receive relevant content tailored to your needs, role, and level through learning, knowledge-sharing, meetups, networkers and so much more; you gain access to the only marketplace for real healthcare knowledge.

Our platform provides you with the opportunity to:

Why the Butterfly?

The butterfly is one of the powerful totem animals symbolising transformation. The butterfly teaches us that we need to let go of old behaviours and expand into the next phase of the stages of life. Here at the Healthcare Channel, our goal is to transform the healthcare sector, whether it is through customer experience, technology or workforce to stay ahead of current trends with the latest knowledge and resources on the market.

Our platform provides you with the opportunity to:

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