Opinion 2023: Experts flashpoint priorities for action


This year brought no shortage of complex challenges for Australia’s healthcare and aged care sectors.

Amidst staffing shortages, funding limitations and a growing elderly population, industry experts have provided their insights on how to pave the way forward.

In this year-end compilation of opinion articles from 2023, experts tackle the most pressing issues through informed perspectives. From the aged care crisis to mental healthcare gaps, Healthcare Channel delivers crucial takeaways that capture the diversity of issues facing sectors in flux.

Care industry

At home care – Reshaping the future of healthcare 

Examining the paradigm shift towards at-home care, the article highlights how this trend is reshaping the future of healthcare delivery. Rob Marchiori explains the transformative impact of providing healthcare services at home.

Guide to being an employer of choice 

Providing insights for organisations to thrive in the competitive care worker market by becoming an employer of choice. Giovanni Siano delves into the key factors that contribute to attracting and retaining top talent in the care sector, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

SMS enhancing aged care experiences

In this article, Jonathan Walsh highlights the role of SMS communication in enhancing the aged care experience for both residents and their families. The piece explores the positive impact of technology, specifically SMS, in improving communication and engagement in the aged care setting.

Maintaining social connections for elders with dementia

This article discusses the importance of social connections for individuals living with dementia and strategies to maintain meaningful interactions, emphasising the positive impact on the overall well-being of those navigating the complexities of dementia.

Sustainable staffing for aged care

This article discusses why a commonsense approach to mandated care minutes is needed to ensure sustainable staffing levels in aged care. Faye Spiteri explores the challenges and benefits associated with staffing requirements, emphasising the need for a balanced and pragmatic perspective in ensuring quality care for the elderly.

Aged care funding for the future 

Delving into the complex issue of funding in aged care, the article discusses the challenges and potential solutions for securing the financial future of aged care services. 


Reducing suffering for frontline workers

Addressing the challenges faced by frontline workers, the article discusses strategies to mitigate the impact of traumatic workplace experiences endured by healthcare professionals, bringing upfront the importance of creating a healthier and supportive work environment.

Preventing burnout in the healthcare sector

Melo Calarco identifies and discusses the three crucial ingredients essential for preventing burnout in the healthcare sector. The piece offers valuable insights and strategies to foster a resilient and supportive environment for healthcare professionals, emphasising the importance of proactive measures in mitigating burnout.


Holistic healthcare in Australia

This article delves into the united front presented by Sana Health Group, bringing together leading healthcare providers The Banyans Healthcare, Byron Private and Palladium Private, emphasising their collective impact on reshaping the healthcare landscape. The focus is on their shared vision for a more integrated and comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery.

Time-saving strategies for overflowing emergency departments

Addressing the challenges of overcrowded emergency departments, this opinion piece discusses innovative approaches to save time and improve patient outcomes.

Lieutenant Colonel Bullwinkel’s impact on nurses

A tribute to resilience, this article honours Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel and recognises the profound impact on nurses, particularly those from the Filipino community in Australia.

The truth about misattributed parentage

A thought-provoking exploration of paternity uncertainty and the impact of misattributed parentage on families. This article delves into the emotional and psychological aspects surrounding this issue, providing insights and fostering an understanding of a complex familial concern.

ASEAN-Australia 50th year milestone 

Reflecting on the milestone of the ASEAN-Australia 50th year, the article explores Australia’s nursing sector and its significance in the regional context. 

Impact of Filipino RNs in Australia 

This article acknowledges the transformative impact of Filipino Registered Nurses (RNs) in the Australian healthcare system, recognising their contributions and challenges. 

Mental health

Jacinda Ardern’s resignation: Lessons in stress and burnout

Peter Hayton reflects on Jacinda Ardern’s unexpected resignation, offering valuable insights into the realities of stress and burnout in high-pressure leadership roles. The article delves into the lessons learned from Ardern’s decision, emphasising the broader implications for mental health awareness and well-being in positions of significant responsibility.

Wellness retreats vs. rehabilitation facilities

It can be challenging to distinguish the differences between the two when trying to find the best option for you or a loved one, so Peter Hayton has made a list of the five key differences between rehab facilities and wellness retreats to help you make an informed decision.

Health tech

The benefits and risks of AI in healthcare 

The piece offers valuable insights into the complex landscape of AI applications, emphasising the need for a balanced understanding to harness its potential while addressing inherent challenges.

Accessible healthcare through online consultations

A forward-looking perspective on the transformative potential of online consultations in making healthcare more accessible and convenient for diverse populations. This article delves into the potential of digital platforms to revolutionise the way healthcare services are delivered.

Tech stacks with hybrid observability in healthcare 

Addressing the need to eliminate silos in healthcare organisations, the article advocates for tech stacks with hybrid observability to enhance collaboration and efficiency. 

Navigating healthcare’s digital future

A forward-looking perspective on navigating the digital future of healthcare and exploring emerging technologies and trends. 

Patient outcomes with hybrid IT infrastructure observability 

An in-depth discussion on enhancing patient outcomes through hybrid IT infrastructure observability in healthcare settings. 

Rising online threats to the healthcare industry 

Examining the increasing risk of online threats to the healthcare industry and discussing strategies to address and mitigate these risks.

IT observability and patient trust

Explores the role of IT observability in healthcare to enhance patient well-being and trust in the digital age. 

Driving value-based healthcare in Australia’s private sector 

In this article, we learn about the importance of patient voice in driving value-based healthcare initiatives within Australia’s private sector.

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