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Revolutionising accessible healthcare through online consultations


Over the last few years, the way we approach medical appointments and consultations has dramatically shifted.

With face-to-face doctor appointments and consultations once being the standard practice, to demand for telehealth services skyrocketing, it is clear that both patients and medical professionals are open to new ways of interacting with each other for health solutions.

Interestingly, in the two years that we were living through the pandemic, over 100 million telehealth services were delivered to 17 million Australians across the country. In fact, the service had a high patient satisfaction rate with 83.4% of patients who had a telehealth consultation reporting they would use it again if offered.

As we continue to adapt to change within the healthcare system, Australians are discovering the benefits of speaking to a doctor from the comfort of their own home. This is especially the case as we approach flu season, a period that often brings with it a surge of flu and other viruses.

There are a multitude of reasons why telehealth services are becoming a preferable option for Australians. Aside from easing the strain on the healthcare sector and requiring less time and fewer resources, patients may save on travel costs and extended time off work that’s required for attending appointments in person. As a result of these benefits within the sector, it is vital that patients utilise telehealth services where possible.

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To encourage the use of these online services, we at Touch Biotechnology are launching a new online health service, TouchBio Care, powered by Doctors on Demand. The service is available 24/7 and allows patients to book appointments, receive consultations, and receive their prescription or medical certificate via their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

The service aims to address all aspects of booking a medical appointment or consultation without having to leave your home. With this, patients who have received positive test results for COVID or Flu A/B, or who are generally feeling unwell, can connect with licensed Australian doctors from wherever they are located through the website. Simply by selecting the ‘Book a GP now’ button on the TouchBio Care website, patients will be connected to the Doctors on Demand platform.

Australians are able to get direct access to an Australian registered doctor for an on-demand appointment or schedule a time that works best for them. Patients will then need to provide their personal details and medical history, as well as select a nearby pharmacy to collect their prescriptions from. They will use their chosen device to video call their doctor to discuss medical concerns and receive a prescription, referral or medical certificate if needed.

Touch BioCare provides an integrated approach to people’s health care during flu season and beyond.

As the country braces for potential flu and covid cases, we aim to ensure Australians have access to timely online healthcare services and minimise the spread of illness.

It is essential that individuals have the option of online health services when feeling unwell, as there can be a variety of barriers to getting to a physical GP or specialist doctor. The flexibility it provides can shape the future of the Australian healthcare sector and provide a sense of convenience that individuals are looking for.

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