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Opinion: Leaders in behavioural health unite to expand holistic healthcare offering in Australia


Australians are more conscious of their healthcare than ever before, with two in five (43%) feeling they needed professional help managing their emotions, stress, or mental health over the last year.

To help Australians better manage their behavioural health, we are thrilled to launch Sana Health Group, bringing together leading healthcare providers The Banyans Healthcare, Byron Private and Palladium Private under one umbrella.

The behavioural healthcare treatment landscape has historically been fragmented. By bringing together services offering prevention and treatment for addiction, mental health and eating disorders to those struggling the most, Sana Health Group aims to expand and diversify the rehabilitation space in Australia and pave the way for what we hope becomes the new normal in behavioural healthcare treatment.

We understand just how challenging this process of finding the right help can be, and we want to ensure access to treatment is simple with suitable models of care throughout the different stages of the recovery journey.

By having more facilities, with a range of models, we are able to help more people, which is the biggest result we could hope for. Under one umbrella, the group is able to support more than 450 people per year who are struggling with behavioural health conditions.

By bringing together multiple leaders within the healthcare space, we are able to establish a ground-breaking collaborative approach to the best models and philosophies of care.

With shared governance and a multitude of experiences from myself, Chairman of the Board, Toby Hall, and Head of Engagement, Ruth Limkin, we can ensure the same values and practises are instilled across the Group, whilst empowering individual treatment providers to uphold their own approach to holistic care.

We know that navigating treatment options can be overwhelming when people are ready to access care. The benefit of Sana Health Group bringing shared governance, support and experience to the private treatment landscape is that individuals and their families will have greater confidence in clinical quality when choosing a Sana Health Group provider.

As Sana continues to grow its treatment options, there will be an ongoing focus on helping people access the right care in the right way at the right time and delivering innovation in healthcare at multiple locations across the country.

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As Group CEO of Sana Health Group, Georgie is leading the charge in transforming the healthcare landscape in Australia. With a team of accomplished leaders in the field, Georgie has established a groundbreaking approach to treating addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. By bringing together a comprehensive range of services, from prevention to treatment, Sana Health Group is poised to revolutionise the rehabilitation space in Australia. Georgie's vision is to create a new normal in behavioral healthcare treatment, offering hope and support to those who need it most.


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