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The sandwich generation dilemma: Jane Morrell sheds light on the challenges of balancing care


The term “sandwich generation” has gained recognition in recent years as individuals face the unique struggle of balancing the demands of caring for both their children and elderly or disabled family members.

In this thought-provoking interview with Jane Morrell, CEO of Carer Solutions, we delve into the concept of the sandwich generation and explore how these individuals navigate the complexities of unpaid caregiving.

Jane sheds light on the emotional and financial toll of informal care work and highlights the specific challenges they face in regional and culturally diverse communities.

She emphasises the importance of raising awareness, engaging in open conversations and advocating for policy changes to better support the needs of the sandwich generation.

Join us as we gain valuable insights into this significant aspect of caregiving and the efforts being made to alleviate the pressures faced by those in the sandwich generation, highlighting the initiatives taken by Carer Solutions to address their needs.

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