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Lee Martin on incorporating robotics in aged care into the future


Tanunda Lutheran Home is a pioneer in the aged care industry with having to incorporate robotics into their daily tasks.

In this Featured Leader interview, the CEO of Tanunda Luthern Home Lee Martin talks about the three robots they currently use, the efficiency and cost savings they have brought and the potential for robotics in aged care. 

From trucks that lift and carry anything put on a trolley, to a robot that disinfects with ultraviolet light, the robots at Tanunda Lutheran Home have saved staff time and prevented injuries. They have also been well received by both staff and residents, with the latter participating in naming the robots and even interacting with them. 

According to Martin, the potential for robotics in aged care is huge. There are robots that can assist with mobility, facial recognition, and clinical tasks and the technology is only getting better. Tanunda Lutheran Home will even become a testing and development ground for future robots in aged care. 

As Martin puts it, “robotics will be a big part of aged care into the future.” And with the many benefits they bring, it’s easy to see why. 

In this interview, Lee explains the benefits of using robots in aged care facilities.

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