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Slacks Creek to house OAPL’s new innovation hub


Dedicated to pioneering patient-centred care and innovation, Orthopaedic Appliances Pty Ltd (OAPL) is embarking on an exciting venture with a visionary investment of approximately $6.75 million.

Renowned for its Prosthetic and Orthotic clinical services, OAPL is set to redefine patient support in Southeast Queensland through the establishment of an advanced clinical and training facility in Slacks Creek.

With an enduring legacy spanning decades, OAPL has served the Queensland community through respected brands such as OAPL, BPO, SOS and ALA.

The forthcoming state-of-the-art facility will consolidate the company’s South Brisbane operations into a unified site, creating a hub for comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care. This innovative approach is poised to transform the Prosthetic and Orthotic service landscape.

OAPL CEO Greg Kneebone shared, “OAPL is driven by a commitment to excellence and holistic patient care. Our new facility will not only provide top-tier Prosthetic and Orthotic treatments but also foster collaboration among healthcare professionals, ensuring comprehensive and integrated support for our clients.”

Designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs, the facility will feature a fully operational workshop for on-site device creation and maintenance. Open spaces will facilitate patient care, staff training, and educational programs. This expansion will lead to the creation of new job opportunities and the engagement of allied health and medical professionals, enriching the scope of care provided.

“We envision the Slacks Creek facility to be a beacon of excellence in Prosthetic and Orthotic care,” Greg said.

It will elevate our Queensland operations and propel us toward even greater achievements, all while nurturing industry growth through comprehensive training programs.”

OAPL’s commitment to fostering a holistic care model and promoting industry growth positions the Slacks Creek facility as a cornerstone of healthcare innovation in the region.

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