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NDIA’s interoperability efforts streamline administration for NDIS providers


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) marked a significant milestone under the Australian Government, with the world-first insurance scheme now providing disability-related support to 502,413 participants across the country.

As a result of the NDIS growth, disability care providers now have a substantial opportunity to expand their organisations, although the possibility comes with challenges. Operations are already complicated due to NDIS funding, workforce shortages, and trying to maintain compliance. The shift to the ‘payment in arrears’ funding model has also raised financial pressures for disability care providers. The promptness of payments remains a concern as it becomes more challenging to deliver a consistent and personalised care program with uncertain cash flows to existing and potential clients.

Fortunately, the NDIA has recognised that collaborating with disability software developers, like Civica Care, and registered providers to enable the interoperability of systems that automate transactions and streamline administration can improve the experience of NDIS providers and participants.

Carelink Suite alleviates the strain on providers and participants by utilising Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow real time connections between key participants in the CMS and PRODA. The APIs enable providers to automatically make service bookings and amendments in the NDIA’s myplace portal seamlessly from their Carelink system. The automation facilitates a fast and cost-effective method of connecting your team to the NDIS services and provides a way forward for growth.

Carelink NDIS Automation lets you better manage client balances to ensure that your client receives an accurate level of services from the NDIA. You can use Carelink data to review and forecast if a client can afford or cut back on services to avoid overspending. Resulting in personalised care and enhanced client satisfaction.

The action from the NDIA to extend access to parts of their data and systems is a positive step for providers. At Civica Care, we welcome the changes and look forward to future opportunities for API integration to support providers with more significant efficiencies and robust technology as the NDIA continues to advance its Digital Partnership Program.

Carelink Suite will be supporting prospective NDIA feature enhancements and automation capabilities to support providers in delivering high-quality care and services aligned with their clients needs, goals, and aspirations to achieve better outcomes.

Equip your staff with the right software. Embrace new strategies and innovations to welcome digital transformation. If you are interested in finding out more about Carelink Suite, contact our Sales team and discover the benefits today.

Craig Porte, Specialist Advisor for Civica Care highlighted:

“Interoperability provided by the NDIA’s APIs has brought incredible efficiencies to care providers using Carelink Suite to manage their participant’s plans and prevent overspend. Our focus is to continue delivering automation tools that allow providers to focus their resources on the essential services that enable their clients participating in the NDIS to reach a fulfilling life.

About Civica

Civica is a global leader in innovative software for public service organisations. With over 22 years of unbroken growth, we hold an undisputed leadership position in our markets around the world, which range from local government to healthcare and education.

Our market-leading software, which is used by around 2.5 million public sector professionals, is helping to transform public services and improve outcomes for citizens and communities across Asia-Pacific and around the world. 

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