New charity helps older Aussies fight back against online scams


A new charity called Kick-Ass Seniors has launched in Australia to help people over 65 who have been tricked by online scammers or want to protect themselves from future scams.

Last year, more than 76,000 older Australians lost over $82 million through online scams. Kick-Ass Seniors CEO Wahid Siddique says, “Whether it’s their last $50 or $50,000 the impact of this type of financial loss, the sense of humiliation and embarrassment leave our seniors feeling a great sense of shame, this is why we created Kick-Ass Seniors.”

Kick-Ass Seniors offers free services including:

  1. A helpline to call when you think you’ve been scammed
  2. A First Response call that will see a computer technician conduct a face-to-face call with the client and ongoing support programs including online workshops
  3. Community forums to learn about staying safe online
  4. Kick-Ass App

The charity wants to teach older people how to use technology safely so they can stay connected with family and friends without worrying about scams. They believe that with the right know-how, seniors can use the internet confidently and securely.

“We are committed to equipping seniors with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to navigate the digital landscape safely, maintain their independence, and enjoy a secure online experience.”

Improving technology skills is a vital part of our seniors capacity to retain connectedness to their loved ones, community and retain a sense of inclusion. Empowering seniors about cybercrime is part of our broader education program and will enable them to use technology in a healthy way with confidence.

This article was also published in Comms Room.

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