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How technology enhances aged care practices in 2022


Technology has helped advance the healthcare industry for decades now, and it seems like it’s only upwards from here. It has enhanced systems and healthcare practices across the globe, with newer and more efficient ways of solving problems and improving lives. Aged care has also seen much improvement thanks to tech. Here are the many ways.

Technological improvements in aged care facilities

  • Smart housing systems. Retirement facilities are now equipped with smart home systems that require minimal effort to operate. Lights and mobility systems are now more accessible through a singular remote or application. In similar fashion, hospital beds and bathrooms are also equipped with safety controls and call bel systems.
  • Quicker emergency response. With the current technology we have, our elderly need not wait long in case an emergency occurs. Carers, staff, or even a doctor can be contacted at a touch of a button, and locations are easily traced. In some cases, this kind of tech can save lives by cutting down wait times.
  • Streamlined meal prep and better hydration. 3d-printed food allows for the elderly to chew and digest easily, while edible water “jelly drops” help those with dementia hydrate without risk of choking. Technology also helps keep tabs on food allergies and needs of residents.

Data security and access

  • Organization. Human error can greatly affect medical records. Technology closes that gap and helps avoid things like spelling mishaps and wrong dates, as well as provide ease of access. All data can be stored in neat folders, and it would not take a while to sift through them.
  • Cybersecurity is better. Keeping medical records safe is much easier now. Sensitive and personal files can be locked with passwords, which can help keep fraud and phishing scams away. Making copies of files would need administrative permissions, which adds a layer of safety.

Ease and comfort for our elderly

  • Calls with loved ones through apps and devices. Loneliness has been a major cause in deterioration of health. This is avoided by frequent calls and video chats with loved ones in case distance is an issue. In the face of COVID-19, this is also a safer option for residents in aged care homes.
  • Wearable tech provides freedom and safety. With smart watches and call devices, the elderly can walk around grounds without fear of being left alone. Tech like this can also be convenient for those with special needs and require surveillance.
  • Programs can help people with dementia communicate. There are specialized programs that can help those who find difficulty communicating do the job, and can help them relax in times of stress.
  • Easy entertainment. Even as one gets older, there’s still fun to be had! Devices like tablets can help provide avenues for entertainment, like watching movies or listening to their favorite songs.


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