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Nationwide skills shortage in dementia care training exposed


The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) highlights critical deficiencies in staff training in aged care, urging comprehensive measures to enhance the care provided to patients with dementia.

Following a distressing incident in a New South Wales aged care facility where an older woman was tasered, OPAN CEO Craig Gear emphasises the pressing need for a complete overhaul of training for staff working with dementia patients.

Recognising the specific care requirements for individuals with dementia, Gear underlines the substantial skills gap nationwide between adequately trained aged care workers and those lacking essential expertise.

Dementia Australia offers various services and training modules for service providers and workers, providing valuable resources that should be accessed by all as a starting point, as suggested by Gear.

To further support aged care staff, Dementia Support Australia offers on-site assistance, including behaviour support planning. Providers are encouraged to engage with them early to proactively plan for effective support strategies.

Referring to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Gear underscores the significance of the commission’s recommendations, particularly for individuals living with dementia.

These recommendations serve as the foundation for ensuring that quality dementia care becomes an integral aspect of aged care in Australia.

“While we acknowledge that the Government has made some good progress, there is clearly a lot more work to be done,” Gear said.

As the leading group for advocating individual support of older people in aged care, OPAN reaffirms its commitment to collaborate with the government and the sector to ensure that individuals with dementia receive proper care within aged care settings.

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