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Groundbreaking online tool raises standards for dementia care training


Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is revolutionising dementia care with the launch of its groundbreaking online tool, Learning Pathways, aimed at setting new benchmarks for excellence in dementia care.

The innovative platform sets the standard for best practice and empowers individuals to choose quality training providers aligned with national standards.

According to Dementia Training Australia Executive Director Dr Isabelle Meyer, Learning Pathways is a game-changer that offers top-notch training to healthcare workers, aged care professionals and first responders across Australia.

“The platform is a personalised tool that allows people to cater to their unique learning needs, from introductory to advanced. Users search and select training opportunities that best suit them to ultimately tailor a bespoke program for their individual or business needs,” Dr Meyer said.

The Australian government tasked Dementia Training Australia with developing the National Dementia Education and Training Standards Framework, slated for release in July. This framework will establish national benchmarks for the skills and knowledge required to deliver high-quality dementia care and support.

In collaboration with leading universities, Dementia Training Australia has already aligned 130 courses and tools with the upcoming framework. Unlike traditional clinical research, which can take up to seven years to translate into practical training, Dementia Training Australia rapidly transforms clinical research into courses, sometimes within as little as nine months.

Dr Meyer emphasises the urgency of raising dementia care standards in Australia and added that by 2031, “nearly 20 per cent of the population is expected to be over 65,” signifying a growing demand for well-trained caregivers. Learning Pathways provides Australians with free, accessible and evidence-based education to prepare a skilled workforce for the future.

“Dementia Training Australia’s mission is to lift the bar on dementia training standards in Australia, and we’re doing that right now through world-class, evidence-based education and resources that are free and accessible to all right now,” Dr Meyer said.

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