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International partnership boosts digital health innovation for Australians


Silverchain has joined forces with Sheba Beyond, one of the world’s pioneering virtual hospitals, in a partnership aimed at revolutionising digital health innovation in home care.

The landmark partnership between Silverchain and Sheba is set to bring cutting-edge technology to complex healthcare services, benefiting thousands of Australians.

A memorandum of understanding signed between Silverchain and the Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research will be steered by Sheba’s esteemed ARC Center for Innovation. The ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) Center, renowned for its global healthcare collaborations, operates within the prestigious Sheba Medical Center, consistently ranked among the top 10 hospitals worldwide.

Silverchain’s Chief Executive, Dale Fisher AM, hailed the partnership as a significant milestone in international knowledge exchange in the health and aged care sectors.

“Not only does this MoU unite three outstanding entities – Silverchain, Sheba Beyond and Sheba’s ARC Center – it is also the first time a Sheba MoU in Australia has involved Sheba Beyond and we’re inspired to be a part of a collaboration of this calibre,” Fisher said.

The collaboration aims to pioneer innovative models of home care by leveraging digital technologies to deliver advanced healthcare services.

With Silverchain’s extensive experience in complex health and aged care at home, combined with Sheba’s accelerated approach to digitally-enabled care, this partnership assembles the brightest minds in the care sector to shape the future of home care.

Silverchain, responsible for the care of 115,000 Australians annually, stands to gain from Sheba’s expertise and experience, further enhancing the standards and capabilities of home care services. Through this joint initiative, home care access is expected to improve for all Australians, bolstering care outcomes and enriching the patient experience through digital innovation.

Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer and Founder and Director of ARC at Sheba Medical Center said, “The ARC Centre lies at the heart of our efforts to transform healthcare. Our vision with Silverchain goes beyond mere collaboration; we are collectively forging a path for transformation.”

“Together, we’re striving to drive growth and significantly improve the delivery of care to homes across Australia. This is not just about changing the model of care, it’s about enabling better health equity for all Australians.”

Within this partnership, the ARC Centre can collaborate closely with Silverchain in developing state-of-the-art decision-support tools, co-creating new platforms or devices, and conducting joint research on forward-thinking topics such as smart homes.

“I firmly believe that our combined efforts can establish a new standard of care that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and communities across Australia. This partnership is a crucial step in turning that belief into reality,” Zimlichman added.

The collaboration between Silverchain and Sheba is poised to set a precedent for global healthcare cooperation, accelerating digital health innovation to deliver world-class care to more Australians in the comfort of their homes.

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