Holiday fitness hacks: A personal trainer’s top tips on conquering the festive season


Following the new year and overindulgence during Christmas, Aussies will understandably be keen to get cracking on their healthcare and fitness resolutions as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 1st January 2023.

With endless information flooding the market, it’s no surprise that people may be confused about how to train healthily and sustainably. Should you start with HIIT, strength, flexibility or jump into resistance training? Nearly half (49%) of employed people aged 18-64 years old sit while at work, so the holiday is the perfect time to get back on track with health and fitness goals.

To help offer some clarity on where to start with your new exercise regime, Emily Aguis of Jetts Fitness Forest Glen provided the top five tips for effective training over the busy holiday period and into the New Year.

Make the most of your time

Between family gatherings and Christmas celebrations, no one has time for lengthy workouts. Instead, I recommend incorporating 30 minutes of strength training into your routine. Strength training with short bursts of cardio will be your best friend during the holiday season; it’s fast, effective and you’ll keep burning calories long after your workout has finished.

Kickstart the morning with a 30-minute session or smash it out in the evening before your next event. Sessions can be anything from a quick run around the block to a circuit of body weight exercises – just get your heart pumping and your body sweating!

Stay Social

‘Tis the season for friends, family, and catchups!  So why should your workouts be any different? My most successful clients are the ones who train with a buddy. They’re held accountable, they show up to each session and they have fun along the way.

My suggestion is to grab a friend, your partner or a family member and train together. The benefits of social workouts are endless– your endorphins fly high from the social connection, and the session will raise your motivation and promotes healthy competition.

Plan your workouts in advance

Fitness is all about consistency and this can be challenging during the chaotic holiday season. That’s why planning your workouts in advance is important. Carve out some time every day to get your body moving and your heart racing. Even if you’re pressed for time – I recommend squeezing in at least 10 minutes a day. Not only will you feel satisfied, but it will help you feel great before you sit down to enjoy those well-earned meals.

Exercise with variety

Having variety in your workout is the key to successful and consistent training. I always surprise my clients with new routines and keep them on their toes. Be sure to balance your cardio with weight and resistance training. Your body will benefit enormously from the variety of exercises, and you’ll build more efficient muscles.

Enjoy yourself

Most importantly, be kind to yourself and remember to enjoy the holiday break! It’s important to be mindful of our mental health as well as our physical health – so balance is vital. The most successful workout sessions come when you have a goal in mind and the energy to achieve it!

If you find yourself struggling with motivation and setting fitness goals, remember you are not alone. The Jetts community is full of people at all stages of their fitness journey and keen coaches ready to champion you. Our team is here to push you that extra mile and most importantly, will make sure you have fun doing it. Visit your local Jetts Fitness and speak with a trainer about your fitness goals today.

Words by Emily Agius, Personal Trainer at Jetts Fitness Forest Glen

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