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Flinders Medical Centre’s once-in-a-generation upgrade to advance


The Australian Government will partner with the South Australian Malinauskas Government to deliver $400 million for a once-in-a-generation upgrade to the Flinders Medical Centre.

The Albanese Government will partner with the South Australian Malinauskas Government to deliver $400 million for a once-in-a-generation upgrade to the Flinders Medical Centre.

Minister for Health and Aged Care Minister Butler said this will upgrade and replace ageing infrastructure and reduce pressure on the overall hospital network.

“The Government is delivering on our election commitment to expand and upgrade the Flinders Medical Centre. Most importantly it will give people in southern Adelaide the medical care they deserve,” Butler said.

This major project will deliver 160 beds for the south of Adelaide, including 136 extra beds at Flinders Medical Centre and 24 additional beds at the Repat.

The additional beds will increase the hospital’s capacity and reduce delays through ambulance ramping or patients waiting in the emergency department.

Most of the beds will be single rooms to improve patient privacy and infection control. Two-thirds of the beds will be overnight beds and the remaining will be same day beds to meet the needs of more patients.

Premier of South Australia Peter Malinauskas also said that the partnership is needed to reduce ramping and ensure Flinders is well-equipped to deliver high-quality care.

“South Australians know how determined I am to deliver on our significant healthcare promises. This represents the first major stage of a generational investment needed to replace the ageing infrastructure at Flinders Medical Centre.” Malinauskas said.

Where will the funding go

  1. deliver a major upgrade and expansion of the Margaret Tobin Centre for mental health
  2. upgrade outdated wards
  3. increase the capacity of the Intensive Care Unit
  4. build additional operating theatres
  5. increase capacity for emergency and elective surgery
  6. upgrade and expand medical imaging services
  7. provide a new eye surgery clinic; and
  8. establish a new 24 bed older person’s unit at the Repat as a hub for older person’s health and wellbeing.

The full upgrade plan is expected to be completed by 2028, with a staged development to deal with the site infrastructure challenges and the need to progressively increase bed availability.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Chris Picton said, “We are proud to be working with the Albanese Government to deliver this once-in-a-generation hospital expansion.

“Our partnership will deliver extra beds, increase capacity and boost healthcare services in South Australia. Labor is delivering on its election commitments to ensure frontline staff are well-equipped to provide high-quality care,” Picton added.

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