Chai Chuah author

Chai 。仁材 Chuah 蔡 is the founder of Health System Transformation Limited. A New Zealand Company, he started after he finished up as the Director-General of Health and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Ministry of Health on February 2018. He is the first Asian to be appointed as Chief Executive in the New Zealand public service. His previous roles included the National Director of the National Health Board, Chief Executive of a District Health Board, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Manager in public health institutions in New Zealand His focus is currently writing, speaking, sharing, and advising on: 1. future of healthcare 2. leaders we need 3. better care for our seniors (elderly) He currently also provides mentoring and coaching for up and coming leaders, especially in healthcare. In his free time, he enjoys travelling with his wife, spending time with his adult children, and a brand new granddaughter. He also enjoys pottering around his garden and developing hs newfound hobby of drawing