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A neuroscience-based approach revolutionising workplace well-being


The tumultuous nature of the modern workplace has led to a concerning revelation: 47% of Australian workers experience stress during much of their working day, surpassing the global average of 44%, as highlighted by the 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report.

As the tide of workplace stress and anxiety continues to surge, it’s evident that conventional interventions fall short of addressing these burgeoning psychosocial risks. To holistically combat this pressing issue, a comprehensive and innovative solution has become imperative.

Recent statistics from Beyond Blue have illuminated the mounting crisis of workplace stress and mental health, underscoring the urgent need for transformative action. Alarmingly, 1 in 5 Australian workers has reported taking time off due to mental unwellness, painting a stark picture of the situation at hand.

Stepping up the challenge, NeuroCapability and Noa Coach have joined forces to introduce an avant-garde solution that confronts workplace stress head-on, employing a neuroscience-based approach to cultivate psychological safety. Their collaborative efforts have given birth to a cutting-edge program that delves into the intricacies of the human brain, unveiling the intricate neuroscientific mechanisms underlying stress and behaviour.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a meticulously tailored 12-week on-demand program.

Designed to empower individuals, create an environment that champions psychological safety, and revolutionise organisational approaches to mental well-being, the program is a comprehensive and potent tool. It operates in real-time to manage stress and anxiety, adheres to global psychosocial guidelines, and aligns with mental health legislation across multiple countries.

Utilising the prowess of AI coaching and practical tools, participants can effectively combat stress and cultivate healthy habits that enhance overall well-being. Grounded in evidence-based methodologies, the program draws on the latest advancements in neuroscience research. Data from WorkSafe Australia underscores its efficacy, demonstrating that prioritising well-being results in six times fewer sick absences and improved financial returns.

Our program is more than a course; it’s a crucial investment in human potential and global wellbeing. By helping individuals understand their brains and what triggers stress, we’re empowering them to create lasting changes in their personal lives and workplaces, aligning with international standards and practices,” NeuroCapability COOPenny Curnow said.

NOA Coach CEO Meg Price added, “We are excited to launch this transformative program that marries science and empathy to create a thriving work environment.

By equipping individuals with the insights and tools to navigate stress and fostering psychological safety, we are not only enhancing personal well-being but also propelling organisations towards compliance with global psychosocial standards,” Price said.

Anchored by the empowerment of individuals and the cultivation of a supportive ecosystem, this alliance between NeuroCapability and Noa Coach stands as a beacon of hope and progress for workplaces worldwide.


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