Henry Cutler author

Dr Henry Cutler is the inaugural director of the Centre for the Health Economy at Macquarie University, where he investigates the Health Economy at the macro level, with particular focus on the interdependencies of these systems with each other, and the broader economy. Henry has led or co-authored over 80 health economics consultancy publications on a broad range of topics for federal and state government departments, government agencies, and Australian and international non-government organisations. His research focuses on economic evaluation, policy analysis, and forecasting in health and human services using a variety of economic tools and modelling techniques. He undertaken major studies on health and aged care reform, private health insurance, hospital efficiency, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, blood products, integrated care, hearing services, health care workforce, and mental health care. He has a PhD (Economics) from UNSW, where his research focused on increasing efficiency within the health care system by allocating government spending to areas most valued by society. Prior to Macquarie University, Henry was the national lead of KPMG’s health economics group, and led the Sydney health and social policy team at Access Economics. He has also been a senior economist at the Centre for International Economics, and spent eight years working in financial markets in Sydney and London.