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6 priority areas for thriving amid Australia’s aged care reforms


The era of reforms and regulatory changes in Australia’s aged care system, aimed at improving the quality of care and support for older people, can present both challenges and opportunities for aged care providers, staff and stakeholders. 

By actively engaging with the latest trends and best practices, organisations can position themselves to thrive amidst the transformations taking place. 

Key priority areas for the sector in the coming years include: 

Implementing Reforms and Embedding Quality 

Providers need strategies for complying with and moving beyond the new Quality Standards and regulatory framework. Building a culture focused on safety, dignity, and person-centred healthcare is crucial. Understanding the implications of the Royal Commission and aged care reforms will enable effective response and change management. 

Enhancing Workforce Capability 

With demand for aged care services rising, the sector faces critical workforce shortages. Improving employee experience and support through research, training, development, attractive employment conditions and progression pathways will aid recruitment and retention. Cultivating inclusive, psychologically safe and engaging workplace cultures is also important. 

Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation 

Technology and new models of care present opportunities to improve quality of life for older people, while also addressing cost and efficiency pressures. Providers can integrate solutions like sensors, data analytics, telehealth and social engagement platforms to enable personalised in-home services. Investing in digital infrastructure and capabilities will provide competitive advantage. 

Managing Costs and Ensuring Financial Sustainability 

Balancing quality care and support with budget constraints is an ongoing challenge. Providers need financial acumen and models aligned with policy changes to manage revenue streams while controlling operating costs. Scenario planning, partnerships and economies of scale can improve viability. 

Leveraging Insights for Strategic Growth 

In a climate of reform, data-driven decision making is critical. By harnessing analytics, consumer insights and industry foresights in our Featured Leader and Opinion section, providers can identify service gaps, expand into new markets and implement innovative business models and service offerings to meet emerging consumer needs. 

By staying abreast of the latest developments and best practices, aged care leaders can equip themselves to navigate reforms, transform quality, harness innovation, ensure sustainability and drive impact.

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