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WorkSafe launches safety inspections for aged care facilities in WA


In a proactive move to enhance safety measures within Western Australia’s aged care and residential care facilities, WorkSafe has initiated an inspection program set to span the 2023/24 financial year.

The comprehensive program WorkSafe targets selected facilities across both metropolitan and regional areas of the state.

WorkSafe’s inspection teams will prioritise industry-specific hazards, workplace violence and aggression, staff training, and other key concerns identified by the regulatory body. This initiative comes in response to the recognised challenges faced by the residential aged care sector, which include workplace violence, a high incidence of injuries related to manual handling, slips, trips and falls.

Throughout the inspections, WorkSafe inspectors will employ a comprehensive checklist to ensure uniformity and consistency across all inspected workplaces.

Sally North, Deputy Commissioner of WorkSafe, emphasised that the primary objective of this proactive inspection program is to support aged care employers in fulfilling their obligations regarding worker health and safety.

“The primary goal of our proactive programs is to provide information and to collaboratively work towards a reduction in work-related injuries and illnesses in the industry sectors we target,” North explained.

She added that while the program aims to provide information and support, inspectors will take appropriate action if non-compliance with work health and safety legislation is detected. Such actions may include issuing verbal directions or notices requiring facilities to rectify identified safety concerns.

The aged care industry presents a wide array of potential safety issues for its workforce. WorkSafe’s aim is to raise awareness among employers about these risks and to provide information on effective measures that can be implemented to mitigate these risks.

WorkSafe maintains an extensive schedule of proactive inspection programs, each tailored to scrutinise safety issues in various industries and activities. Through these initiatives, WorkSafe strives to contribute to safer work environments and improved worker well-being across Western Australia.

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