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Working as a Chef Manager at Regis Aged Care


It’s essential to have a passion for food because that enthusiasm will flow into every meal and make our residents happy.” What is it like working as a Chef Manager in a retirement village? Learn more today on the Healthcare Channel as we interview Krishna Kadel from Regis Aged Care.   

Chef managers may work in different scenarios: restaurants, institutions such as hospitals and schools and catering halls. The chef manager may be responsible for not only the food aspect of the kitchen, but managing staff, budgeting, purchasing and implementing new menu and operational ideas to keep the business efficient and profitable.    


As a Chef Manager at Regis, what does a typical day look like for you?  

Each morning I ensure that my team are aware of their tasks and the menu for the day for our residents. I then spend time in the dining rooms engaging with residents and receiving feedback regarding the menu and choices. I like the teamwork, appreciation and keeping the staff and residents happy.  


What made you consider working for Regis?  

I had a friend who worked at Regis Birkdale who said it was a great job and had a good reputation. I had a positive interview and was offered the position.  


When did you start?  

Starting at Regis Wynnum as an Assistant in Nursing in 2012, I moved my way up from Food Service Assistant to Larder, and then from Cook to now Chef Manager. I transferred to Yeronga after being given a fantastic opportunity in the Kitchen by the senior team.   


What do you like most about your role?  

I’m happy with what I do, I love cooking for the residents and making them happy.  I like the teamwork, appreciation and keeping the staff happy – Regis is a good company to work for!   


Could you name 3 of the most challenging aspects of being a chef manager at Regis Aged Care?  

Our residents have various cultural diversity backgrounds and once a month we have facility favourites where our residents can vote on a new meal. I want to give each dish justice and make sure it’s full of flavour and it’s as authentic as possible. I love the challenge and learning new recipes from around the world!   


What is the most interesting part of your job?    

The day-to-day diversity of the role as each day is different. I love to train new staff and see them develop in their roles over time. And above all, it’s wonderful getting to know all of our residents and listening to their extraordinary stories.   


What is the most important piece of advice you can give to those interested in becoming a chef?   

It’s essential to have a passion for food because that enthusiasm will flow into every meal and make our residents happy. In addition, I believe that good communication with both staff and residents goes a long way – I’m always keen to learn every day and receive feedback so I can continually grow.   


Krishna had studied Cert III and Cert IV in Cookery because of her passion for food. After finishing her studies, Regis sponsored Krishna as a Cook which assisted her in bringing her eldest son to Australia, followed by her second son a year later. Krishna says that it meant a lot to her as it was initially very hard for her to leave her family. Arjun, Krishna’s husband, also works for Regis. 

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