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WATCH: Here are the Biggest Healthcare Trends for 2020


In our Healthcare Outlook for 2019 webinar, Stephen Grossbart, PhD, and Bobbi Brown, MBA, shared their predictions for the biggest trends of the year. Which predictions panned out and which didn’t? View this webinar as Stephen takes a look back at 2019 and makes his forecast for 2020. So, what did happen in 2019? 

Join Stephen as he looks in the rear view mirror at these important issues and how they impacted the healthcare industry in 2019 and then gazes into the crystal ball to predict the trends that will most impact healthcare in 2020. In this webinar, Stephen discusses the following topics and more: • The continued focus on price transparency. • Congress’ efforts to control prescription drug costs. • Policies that may change the future of ACOs. • What to expect going into the 2020 election year. 

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