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Type 1 diabetes patients in Australia demand a seat at the treatment table


The Omnipod DASH system provides a convenient solution for type 1 diabetes management, although healthcare professionals’ implicit biases affect patients’ access to new diabetes management technology.

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness has life-changing implications. Australians living with type 1 diabetes make up to 180 health-related decisions per day, with diabetes management technology greatly reducing the burden of the condition for those living with it.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic illness requiring daily attention and management. As the condition is characterised by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin, all treatment options for this condition involve administering insulin.

While conventional treatments involve the manual administering of insulin via injections multiple times a day, more recently insulin pump technology has become more readily available.

The introduction of wearable, tubeless insulin pump technology, such as the Omnipod DASH provides a solution to manage type 1 diabetes management. The system has been available through public subsidy in Australia since the 1st of December 2022, making it more accessible to those interested in simplifying the way they manage their diabetes.

Despite the system providing a sense of ease and increased freedom for people living with type 1 diabetes, some may face barriers from their healthcare professionals in accessing the technology. In one report, Heath Morley shares an ideal experience that has helped him achieve success.

“I was the first person in Australia to trial Omnipod, and because of this I was sat down with a large group of healthcare professionals and was kept very well informed.

“I think this was the best course of action, as it allowed me to make decisions about my treatment while being fully aware of all the different repercussions, both positive and negative, for each treatment option available.”

“I feel my opinion is very much valued during check-ups with my healthcare professional. My endocrinologist is my main port of call – I see him quarterly and we sit down and look heavily at my data, and he takes on board any questions I have and I generally feel heard which is a big contributor towards the overall success of my diabetes management.”

Research also reveals that implicit biases inform healthcare professionals’ willingness to discuss new diabetes management technology with their patients. People from more disadvantaged areas report feeling worse engagement with healthcare professionals about their diabetes management, while biases relating to the type of health insurance held by patients, as well as the patient’s race and ethnicity, also come into play.

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These accounts illustrate that being given a choice and a say in the treatment of their diabetes provides a sense of control and agency. In one report, David South shared that he had experienced something completely different when seeking out Omnipod for his daughter.

“When Charlotte was diagnosed, luckily we caught it very early and didn’t need to present to the emergency department like a lot of other children do when showing signs of type 1 diabetes.

“Our experience with healthcare professionals was pretty traumatic initially. I didn’t feel as though exploring treatment options was a collaborative or supportive process, and we weren’t given a broad range of treatment options for Charlotte at all

“I found a treatment wasn’t the most suitable option for Charlotte, and I ended up doing my own research to see if there was a better option, which is how I came across Omnipod. Once Charlotte began using this for her treatment and having positive results, I wondered why this option hadn’t been discussed with us initially.

In order to improve overall health outcomes, members of the community is encouraging healthcare professionals to foster open and mutual conversations with their patients surrounding their treatment options.

For Australians living with type 1 diabetes who are interested in exploring Omnipod DASH System as a treatment option are encouraged to speak with their healthcare professionals to see if it’s right for them. For more information, visit

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