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Transparency and accountability to be prioritised in aged care with new bill


The Albanese Government has introduced the Inspector-General of Aged Care Bill to improve transparency, accountability and the quality of aged care services in Australia.

In a move to address concerns around the quality of aged care services in Australia, the Albanese Government has introduced the Inspector-General of Aged Care Bill, which will establish an independent body with the power to review the Commonwealth’s administration and regulations, driving transparency and accountability to the aged care system.

The Inspector-General of Aged Care will have the necessary powers to investigate systemic issues across the sector, including complaints management processes. The findings and recommendations of the Inspector-General will be reported to the Government, Parliament and the public, with the aim of driving positive change for older Australians.

Importantly, the Inspector-General will operate autonomously and independently from the Australian Government, ensuring transparency and accountability in the aged care sector.

Minister for Aged Care, Anika Wells, stated that the Albanese Government is committed to holding itself to the same high standards they expect from the sector. “This Bill reinforces the Albanese Government’s commitment to aged care and demands accountability and transparency from the sector.”

“The Inspector-General of Aged Care Bill will establish an independent Inspector-General of Aged Care, who will monitor and investigate the Commonwealth’s administration and regulation of the aged care system,” Wells added.

The appointment of a permanent Inspector-General is expected in the second half of this year, with Ian Yates AM serving as the interim Inspector-General until the legislation passes.

Improving the quality of aged care services in Australia and safeguarding the well-being of elderly citizens is a major milestone achieved through the introduction of this legislation.

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