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Transformative approach to tackling care staff shortages


Adecco is embarking on a strategic expansion into the healthcare sector, positioning itself as a key player in addressing the skill shortages and human capability challenges facing Australia’s health care industry. 

Australia is facing a health care workforce crisis, with projections indicating a shortage of 123,000 nurses and 110,000 aged care workers by 2030.  

To address the pressing skills shortfall, Adecco is developing Australian-first solutions, with a particular focus on bringing overseas talent to Australia. The company aims to pioneer transformative approaches to healthcare recruitment, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce. 

Senior Vice President Country President Adecco Australia & NZ Nicholas Lee said, “Our strategic expansion into the healthcare sector reflects our commitment to addressing the critical workforce challenges facing Australia. By driving excellence and innovation, we aim to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the healthcare industry.” 

“Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We believe in creating a diverse and skilled healthcare workforce through ethical recruitment practices and strategic partnerships with major industry players.” 

Adecco is actively engaging in plans with some of the largest healthcare and aged care providers to implement innovative solutions. They are also exploring acquisition targets and are already in conversations with nursing and aged-care agencies across Australia.  

Michelle Yawan Tolentino, registered nurse and Director of AustPhil Services said, “The aged care workforce in particular has struggled to recover post-covid and up until now has lacked the innovative investment needed to propel the sector forward. 

“The current staffing shortages have left many feeling overburdened and stretched thin, compromising their ability to provide optimal care. It is imperative that we listen to these voices, as they offer valuable insights into the day-to-day challenges faced by those on the frontlines of healthcare,” she said.  

“By addressing staff shortages and implementing forward-thinking solutions and data-driven workforce planning, we can propel the health and aged care sector forward and build a resilient workforce that ensures the well-being of both patients and those who dedicate their lives to caring for them.” 

The company is welcoming expressions of interest from business owners looking to exit or join forces in building a larger and more impactful organisation in the healthcare sector. 

Recognising the potential of local expertise in small-medium enterprises, Adecco sees an opportunity to create a national network to meet the evolving needs of healthcare and aged care providers.

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