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Tiny technology ‘Magseed’ makes a big impact in cancer surgery


A tiny seed, no bigger than a grain of rice, is having a big impact on breast cancer care for patients in Murrumbidgee. Murrumbidgee Local Health District is the first District in NSW to introduce Magseed – a tiny, stainless steel “seed” that is implanted in a cancerous breast tumour to mark its location for surgery.

Minister for Regional Health Bronnie Taylor said the successful implementation of this new technology is a testament to the quality of medical care available in rural and regional NSW.

“We have some of the finest surgeons and medical professionals in Australia choosing to work in regional NSW. I am so proud that the first Local Health District in NSW to provide this exciting, new and life-saving technology is a regional one,” Taylor said.

Griffith surgeon Dr Kate FitzGerald said she was keen to see the Magseeds available for public patients in NSW, after first using the technology and seeing the difference it made in Scotland.

“The thin wires, which usually had to be placed the day of surgery, needed to be placed by a radiologist and then taped to the patient’s breast until they were in the operating room,” Dr FitzGerald said.

“With the seed I have more flexibility around where I make the incision. As well as getting the best result as far as removing the cancer, I can also make it look as nice as possible.”

Mrs Taylor thanked the Griffith Breast Cancer Support Group for a substantial donation towards the purchase of the Magseed technology and said the group’s support has been instrumental in making the technology available locally.

President of the Griffith Breast Cancer Support Group, Kaye Mossman said the group is thrilled to see its fundraising efforts contribute to this new technology.

“Through the generosity of the Griffith community we have raised enough money to not only support our local patients with their individual costs but also make a very substantial donation to Murrumbidgee Local Health District to help fund this exciting new technology,” Mossman said.

Content from NSW Health – The Hon. Bronnie Taylor, MLC media releaseNote: Content has been edited for style and length.


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