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Tim Humphries on the personal touch in aged care and its impact on residents and families


Aged care homes play an important role in providing care to seniors in their later years, but the experience can often feel like a loss of independence.

The lack of personalisation in many homes can leave residents feeling like they are just another number in a sea of patients. However, at some facilities, the staff goes above and beyond to provide a personal touch that makes a world of difference to them.

Personalisation goes a long way in helping residents feel valued and appreciated.

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In this video, Tim Humphries, the CEO of Homestyle Aged Care, highlights the importance of personalisation in aged care. He talks about how the staff goes out of their way to bring in items from home, like furniture and personal trinkets, to help residents feel like they are in a familiar environment.

If you’re interested in seeing how personalisation in aged care can make a big difference, watch this video now!

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