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The Aged Care digital reform in 2022 and what it means for you


Digital transformation in the aged care sector is a fundamental pillar that enables broader aged care reform. After a hard few years during a pandemic, the aged care sector has shown that it is still mostly analogue, making it difficult to keep up with the rest of the healthcare world. Issues like human error, lost files, and difficulty in bridging the accessibility gap are more magnified, making a digital reform more important now than ever.

Why is a digital reform important?

With care systems being upgraded, it is important for the aged care sector to keep up with fast-paced changes. In a modern world, interoperability is key. A digital reform to aged care will ensure streamlined care and better life quality to workers, elderly residents, and carers as well.

This matters greatly because technological integrations can become tools to continue improving the system which has been rife with substandard care and abuse. Technology can also help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the residents at aged care facilities.

A digital reform in aged care entails:

  • better access and safeguarding of data
  • smart home systems for home care packages
  • improved crisis response
  • improved aged care facilities
  • better communication between the elderly and their families
  • provision of medicines and services
  • improvement in carers’ skills through training programs

What does this mean for us?

You may have already noticed the implementation of the Australian Government’s digital reform in little ways. Things such as telehealth applications and support lines are part of the reform, as well as the usage of more tech-savvy systems in care homes. Smartphones and tablets are now being used to update and connect with loved ones who can’t visit due to border restrictions, and even nutrition and dietary needs can be easily tracked and improved with a database.

Healthcare professionals have also come together to discuss what opportunities lie on the other side of the digital reform wave for aged care. With these significant changes, workers in the sector are also expected to see an improvement to work environments.

Simply put, as life moves forward, so must the ways in which we care for some of the most vulnerable people in the community. The integration of technology into aged care will greatly improve the quality of life for those in their sunset years.



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Nina Alvarez is a Content Producer for Healthcare Channel. Her interests include writing, particularly about the healthcare sector and the many ways it can improve to further benefit people from all walks of life.


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