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Tailored training readies nurses for careers in aged care


Sixty-three newly graduated Registered and Enrolled Nurses are stepping into the aged care sector following their completion of the Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) Aged Care Nursing Transition to Practice Program.

ACCPA CEO, Tom Symondson, commended the nurse learners for their achievements and for choosing to pursue careers in aged and community care.

“You are an inspiration to other nurses and students and every one of you is lighting the way for others to follow,” Symondson expressed. “With the 24/7 nursing requirements which came into force last year, we know there is a critical shortage of Registered Nurses in aged care. We are proud to be helping build the future workforce and support the nurses in this vital role.”

The group comprises 48 Graduate Registered Nurses (RNs), 6 Graduate Enrolled Nurses (ENs), and 9 Transitioning RNs from other nursing fields who are transitioning into aged care for the first time.

With the demand for aged care nurses increasing, especially with the implementation of 24/7 nursing requirements, ACCPA aims to support the future workforce and ensure quality care for older adults.

Bronwyn Doyle, National Team Leader for ACCPA’s Aged Care Nursing Transition to Practice Program, highlighted the program’s role in preparing nurses for the challenges and rewards of aged and community care.

“Our tailored programs will help prepare nurses for a career in aged and community care and enter the sector with confidence,” Doyle said. “We work closely with our partner organisations to ensure the nurse learners attain the skills they need to provide quality aged care services.”

“The nurses who participate in our program are supported by their peers, mentors and online education sessions. And they meet and learn with like-minded graduates and transitioning nurses who are going through the same things as them.”

ACCPA’s Nursing Transition Practice Programs for graduate enrolled and registered nurses, as well as transitioning registered nurses, offer multiple intakes throughout the year, providing opportunities for aspiring aged care professionals to embark on fulfilling careers in the sector.

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