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Support for senior citizen with issues of mental health


Dr. Ward offers the following tips to help a senior manage their behavioral health and ensure they are provided with the physical and mental care they require. Organize a medical file, digital or printed, for your loved one. It should include their name, date of birth, a list of current medications, dosages and responses, a list of all dosed vitamins, supplements and herbs, a list of all doctors and specialists, their contact information, and a list of conditions to be treated. Make a backup copy to keep in the file and bring an up-to-date version to all the appointments your loved one has.

  • Prepare the appointments of the doctor by discussing the elderly ‘s adherence to routines, problems, or missed doses and any side effects. Use this talk to draw up a list of doctor’s questions. Roleplay games will encourage your beloved to speak to the doctor more comfortably.
  • Offer your loved one to join your appointments. Please bring your notepad and pen for detailed notes. Ask for clarification of any details or medical jargon not understood to you with their permission.


  • When a new medication is proposed, promote a conversation with the doctor about the workings of existing medications, the dangers, advantages, and side effects of each alternative and the costs of each product. These could be improvements in the diet with certain drugs, such as drug abstention or the lack of other foods, please make sure you explore that.
  • Help your beloved one remind your doctor of other treatments, drugs, vitamins, and supplements and how these can influence your treatment.
  • Explain if the latest medications of the elderly or any new drugs will end. Some medicines cannot be abruptly stopped and must be slowly tapered under the supervision of the doctor. conduct diagnostic studies and get reputable information on websites like the American Psychological Association and the Disease Control and Prevention Centres. Misinformation on mental disorders is created because people fail to look out information and use reliable facts.


  • Help your loved one plan to take medications as prescribed, get refills, pay for his or her prescriptions, and recognize formulation changes (e.g. brand name to generic or producer to producer). This may also include diagramming and learning side effects when it’s important to call your doctor.
  • At least once a year you should make an appointment to see all your medicines, vitamins, and supplements with your physician or physician. I recommend you take them in a bag (a brown bag check-up).
  • Dual drugs, drug interactions, and drugs are revealed during appointments, which is not needed or can be progressively eliminated. It’s also a good time to have your beloved pharmacist ask how to take their medications to check compliance and accuracy.
  • Just use one drugstore. When a place has all senior medication in the register, it helps to prevent drug interactions, repeat orders, doctor shopping, and allergic reactions from various specialists.

Report somatic issues accounts and visits to the ER for these symptoms from your mate. Bring ER papers to the appointment of your doctor or arrange for them to be sent directly to your physician. Encourage your loved one to seek social help in the right way. The risk of depression is increased for people of all ages with social isolation and feelings of solitude. A strong support network is critical to older adults’ mental health.

Count on them to do what they can. Physical activity is a cost-effective and effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mood problems without any medication and without cost.

Keep an eye on your beloved’s general mood and act immediately if serious adverse effects or mood changes, including suicide, mania, and hallucinations are first experienced. You should be fully aware of any warning signs to seek and react when you have worked with your doctor to learn about their condition and medications.

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