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Senior Care Technology – Who Moved My Cheese?


Senior care technology is improving the lives of seniors and making carers tasks a bit easier. 

The aged care sector is undergoing changes that are focused on the quality of care and the precision of the reporting of clinical outcomes. More and more aged care facilities are implementing software and systems that assist in the management of medical information, resident management, and medication.

Just like in most healthcare settings, senior care technology has a big role to play. With government support, the right policies and funding, senior care technology can provide safer and quality care to consumers.

“There’s a real opportunity in the aged care sector,” says Jill Deering, former CEO of Clever Care Now. “Technology is going to play a huge part.”

“Aged care has been at the forefront and it needs to be, it deserves the attention it’s been getting” Deering added.

According to Deering, recent studies have shown that the younger generations or those who belong in the millennial generation and are caring for or looking after their next of kin in the aged care sector are more tech-savvy and are gaining a lot more information via social media and want to implement that in the care of their loved ones.

“This is an area that’s really going to take off in the next while,” Deering said “It certainly has, from my point of view, in the next five to ten year going to be rammed up”

Ivan Wong has been working in the CASS group for 25 years and as the Senior Executive Officer for Home Ageing Services for the last 12 years.

“In the last ten years, there has been a lot of changes in our environment, it’s really a time of change,” Wong says “We have to run our services in a business model which put emphasis on competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.”

Watch the full video as Ivan Wong explains how important it is for workers to adapt to this change and how to slowly introduce it to them.


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