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Steps To Prepare For Your Future Career

We know that there’s more to finding your dream job than completing your university studies and hoping for the simplest. That’s why there’s a wealth of opportunities offered to you during it slow at uni – like industry-led work placements, summer internships, fieldwork, international study tours, career masterclasses, employer expos, practical online tools, and apps – all of which might enrich your experience and facilitate your to graduate career-ready.
But sometimes it is hard to understand what opportunities and resources are out there and the way best to require advantage of them.
Creating a successful career path starts the instant you step campus – you simply have to benefit from all the resources readily available to you.
Here’s our step-by-step guide.
Step 1: Cultivate a career-ready mindset
To make the foremost of the opportunities that are presented to you, it’s a decent idea to stay the subsequent clear in your mind:
  • What does one want out of university?
  • Who does one want to be once you finish your studies?
Whether you’re timely in your academic journey or coming towards the top and preparing for your next challenge, these are often scary questions. But don’t let anxiety rule your answers.
There isn’t one single path to follow to urge you to where you wish to be. In fact, it’s the journey itself that will reveal what you must be doing along with your life.
Part of the fun of studying, networking, and doing work placements is discovering where your strengths lie. If you’ll identify the categories of environment where you thrive and what kinds of projects motivate you to be your best, you’ll be during a stronger position to speak these strengths to future employers and stand out from other interviewees.
Use this opportunity to develop your understanding of the globe of labor, discover where you fit, and the way you propose to shape it.
The key take-out: Say YES to opportunities as they present themselves.
There are myriad resources here on campus and online which will facilitate your gain practical on-the-job training, improve your communication skills, enhance your cultural awareness, and nurture your entrepreneurial spark.
Step 2: cash in of on-campus resources
Did you recognize that there’s an array of events and experts here on campus to support you along with your job hunting and career planning?
Our highly trained team of career advisors and employability ambassadors are available to talk with you one-on-one throughout the uni term. they’ll facilitate you with really useful stuff like:
  • Exploring career options associated with your course
  • How to seek for jobs
  • Interview practise
  • Developing your job-ready skills
  • Employment rights and responsibilities
  • Career-readiness tips and training
  • Connecting with employers and mentors
  • Register for flexible paid work opportunities
Compliment this one-on-one assistance by attending one among the regular networking events, Masterclasses, or workshops that our Career Ready team host throughout the year. These events will introduce you to local employers, recruiters, and our major industry partners, all with attention on helping you to seek out internships or work placements and learn what hiring managers are searching for in new graduates. this chance to possess face-to-face contact with employers will facilitate your develop the sting you’ll need in your job search.
Step 3: Gain real-world experience within the world of labor
You’re probably aware that during this competitive job market employers don’t seem to be just trying to find people with degrees. They’re seeking well-rounded, adaptable graduates; people with a variety of non-technical skills and life experience which will help them to unravel real-world problems and work well within existing teams.
Knowing that employers value graduates with workplace experience mean developing a good range of diverse skills while you’re studying is of significant importance.
Work placements are a superb thanks to gain insights into the industries and occupations you’ve got your heart to assail outside of the classroom. they assist you to develop your own professional skills and private strengths and to spot those characteristics that may facilitate your stand out from the remainder of the pack.
Such opportunities also allow you to make invaluable relationships with professionals in your industry through participation in major events, community outreach projects, private and public sector internships, and industry-connected international study tours.
Play your cards right, and you will even begin the opposite end with an employment offer before you graduate!
Employability-enhancing programs tailored to your field of study – some optional, some paid, many built into your course framework.
It’s best to talk to your course leaders directly but here are just some of the discipline-specific opportunities you’ll be able to benefit from.
Being able to mention you meaningfully contributed to a real-life project or helped solve a real-world problem means you’ll list it on your CV – and supercharge your resume.
As you progress through the program you’ll find out how to confidently tell your own story and articulate your value to future employers.
Orient yourself first with the web learning modules (e.g. Lynda.com and TED Talks) which is able to be tailored to your interests and goals. From there you’ll unlock rewards as you progress on to more structured work-related activities (such as internships and volunteering) This activity will facilitate your translate your new capabilities into transferable workplace skills.
There’s also the web Jobs Marketplace
  • CareerHub – hunt for graduate jobs, casual and part-time jobs, work experience, and volunteering opportunities
  • EmployerConnect – connect with employers hiring graduates around the world
  • GradConnection – apply for formal graduate positions with a number of Australia’s biggest government and company organisations
  • Unitemps – An on-campus recruitment agency connecting you with employers across campus and industry to assist you to land a versatile job while you study
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