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Real-time care via new patient app and remote monitoring


Silverchain has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Datos Health, a global leader in remote care solutions.

This collaboration aims to enhance the delivery of virtual care in the comfort of patients’ homes with a patient care app and remote monitoring platform to empower clinicians and patients alike.

The integration of Datos Health’s platform marks a pivotal step in redefining remote healthcare in Australia. By remotely monitoring changes in patient conditions, care teams can communicate and intervene in real time, reducing the risk of adverse events. This innovative approach ensures that patients receive timely and efficient care while actively engaging in their healthcare journey with improved access to health and care information.

Silverchain’s Executive Director of Data, Research & Innovation Dr Anna Barker expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with Datos Health reflects Silverchain’s dedication to advancing remote care for our 115,000 clients in Australia who will benefit through increased and improved access to health care when they need it and when it is convenient for them.”

The Datos Health platform not only streamlines workflows for clinicians but also empowers patients by providing access to their health data and care information through a user-friendly app. This increased control over their healthcare empowers patients to interact more effectively with their Silverchain care team.

Datos Health CEO and Founder Uri Bettesh emphasised the platform’s adaptability to individual patient needs.

“Datos Health was designed to meet those individual needs in a way that clinicians could benefit from as well. Our platform will enable Silverchain’s clinicians to provide their patients with self-care tools, personalised care plans, and educational resources,” Bettesh said.

Initially, the Datos Health platform will be applied to Silverchain’s model of care, known as the “enhanced management of home-based elders” or EMBED model. This model focuses on early detection and evidence-based treatment of depression in older Australians receiving in-home aged care. Developed through a collaboration between Silverchain and Monash University, this model has received support from the Medical Research Future Fund.

Dr. Barker highlighted that the Datos Health partnership is part of Silverchain’s broader mission to enhance Australia’s home care system by developing digitally enabled and virtual care models. The partnership aligns with Silverchain’s forward-thinking approach, exemplified by a previous memorandum of understanding with the Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research. This collaboration explores innovative care models using digital technologies, pushing the boundaries of healthcare delivery.

The partnership between Silverchain and Datos Health represents a significant step forward in the evolution of remote care in Australia, promising better care, increased patient engagement and more efficient workflows for healthcare professionals.

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