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Ongoing advocacy leads to National Carers Strategy reinstatement


The Australian Government has pledged $3.8 million towards the development of a National Carers Strategy.

Significant investment in the National Carers Strategy aims to create a unified carer policy that eliminates geographical and agency-related barriers, ensuring a more inclusive and supportive framework for carers across the country.

Simultaneously, Carers Australia has introduced the Carer-Inclusive Workplace Initiative, with the goal of fostering more inclusive and supportive work environments for Australians who provide unpaid care within their communities.

CEO of Carers Australia Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick expressed her enthusiasm for the announcement, emphasising the importance of providing carers with the recognition and support they truly deserve.

She highlighted Carers Australia’s longstanding advocacy for a new National Carer Strategy, considering the last strategy lapsed in 2014. Bacot-Kilpatrick urged both the Australian Government and the broader community to learn from past experiences and ensure the new strategy is meticulously designed to fulfil its promises to carers.

The development of the National Carers Strategy follows the ongoing Inquiry into the recognition of unpaid carers, showcasing Carers Australia’s unwavering commitment to re-establishing the Strategy. Their efforts, along with several recommendations, aim not only to reinstate a National Strategy but also to implement effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

The 2023 Carer Wellbeing Survey report revealed that over 40% of carers dedicate at least an hour per week, often more, to navigate government support systems. Alarmingly, more than 60% of respondents reported receiving no assistance to navigate these intricate systems. In light of these findings, Carers Australia calls upon the National Carer Strategy to address this substantial gap and other critical aspects in its development and implementation.

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