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New integration to boost efficiency in temporary hiring


Recruitment software platform JobAdder has built an integration into workforce management platform Deputy that connects and automates the management and recruitment of temporary and contract workers.

Together, the two employment platforms will address the complexities that arise from non-integrated systems, paving the way for a more seamless employment journey.

By connecting the two platforms, JobAdder users will be able to sync successful candidates’ data onto the Deputy platform automatically, saving recruiters significant time on manual data entry, reducing compliance risks, and decreasing onboarding time for new temporary workers by several days, allowing for a superior employee experience with fast commencement of their placements.

This integration builds on the support offered for temporary recruitment by JobAdder’s newly released Temp Express dashboard.

With the number of temporary workers expected to rise, the need for improved systems to centralise recruitment and workforce management has become increasingly important.

The Deputy integration will help recruiters manage their temp workload and increase their placement volume. It will also alleviate pain points for recruiters in industries with more decentralised work structures like hospitality, retail and healthcare.

In fact, Deputy’s The Big Shift Report sheds light on the increasing labour demands the hospitality industry faces. Accommodations and sit-down restaurants have had significant employment recoveries in 2022.

Compared to pre-pandemic levels, there has been a 50 per cent increase in shift work hours for accommodations and a 30 per cent increase for sit-down restaurants. This additional pressure on business owners has resulted in many turning to recruiters for assistance in filling seasonal positions and managing their workforce amongst the changing demands.

JobAdder Head of Product: Partnerships and Integrations Regina Dinneen said, “Our new integration into Deputy amplifies our ability to be at the forefront of one of the most dynamic shifts in the recruitment landscape, expanding our capability to recruit and manage temporary and contract workers. Taking on both of these tasks can be a considerable challenge for recruiters.

“It’s not just about finding the right talent but also managing them effectively and ensuring their aftercare. We are constantly looking for ways to alleviate these pressure points for recruiters and hirers, especially as the world of work changes. Our partnerships with companies such as Deputy help us do precisely that.

“This integration will cut down the admin time of recruiters enormously as the data automatically syncs between the two platforms, ensuring a less complicated pathway between getting assigned a job and starting your first shift. The customers already using the Deputy integration are freeing up their time to focus more on the human elements,” Dinneen continued.

Deputy Chief Product Officer Deepesh Banerji said: “Labour shortages have plagued Deputy customers across industries since the pandemic, and hiring contract workers has served as a valuable lifeline that has helped these businesses tide through the last few years.

“Deputy’s integration with JobAdder has made the process of hiring temporary workers more seamless and convenient than ever before, allowing business leaders to spend less time on tasks like compliance, scheduling and double checking multiple systems, and more time focusing on what matters — serving the customer. New hires get an exceptional experience, starting their first shift in days rather than weeks, keeping momentum strong from the exciting moment of securing a new role.” Banerji continued.

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