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New dementia resources launched for North Queensland families


The Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is rolling out new resources to help people with dementia and their families. As more Australians get older, it’s becoming important to have better ways to support those affected by this condition.

NQPHN Chief Executive Director Sean Rooney says, “Dementia is one of the major health challenges that Australia is facing and its impacts on families, the community, and the health system are far-reaching.”

“Dementia-friendly communities support a person with dementia to have the best quality of life and allows us to think about dementia differently.”

Rooney added they have been working closely with health professionals, residential aged care homes (RACHs) and the community to create resources that educate, inform and empower people while making sure they have the access to care that they need.

Here are some of the new initiatives they’ve created:

  1. Brain Magnets: These are simple fridge magnets that help people with dementia and their families find important information quickly. They include emergency contacts and links to local support services.
  2. Online Resource Directory: NQPHN has worked with people who have dementia, their caregivers, and health professionals to create an easy-to-use online guide, My Community Directory. It lists local services and helpful information for each community in North Queensland.
  3. Carers Training: Over 70 family caregivers from across North Queensland have received special training to help care for loved ones with dementia in their final days.

Rooney adds, “Our teams will continue to engage with local services to ensure information is accurate and maintained using our data quality systems and process, and encourage organisations to add their services to the directory.”

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