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Low recognition poses major risk to well-being of healthcare workers


SuperFriend, a leading workplace mental health not-for-profit organisation, has unveiled crucial findings from the 2022 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey, representing one of Australia’s most extensive research projects on workplace mental health.

This national survey encompassed nearly 10,000 Australian workers across 19 industries, shedding light on critical insights and recommendations for the Healthcare and Social Assistance industry.

The survey identified five core Domains—Leadership, Connectedness, Safety, Work Design and Capability—as essential areas of focus for fostering mentally healthy workplaces. The Health Care and Social Assistance industry scored below the national benchmark in all these domains.

Furthermore, the survey evaluated industries based on nine psychological hazards, with the lowest scoring including Inappropriate Workload, Low Recognition, Poor Change Management, Poor Management Support and Low Job Control. Among these hazards, Low Recognition emerged as a significant risk factor within the Healthcare and Social Assistance industry, calling for immediate attention and improvement.

The industry’s scores for the Leadership and Work Design domains were notably lower than the national averages. However, the survey did reveal positive findings concerning interpersonal relationships within the industry, indicating that co-workers often maintain high-quality relationships. Additionally, individuals were more likely to have sought support for their mental health from their peers within the past 12 months than in other industries.

SuperFriend’s CEO, Darren Black, emphasised the urgent need to address the issue of Low Recognition, stating, “The findings from SuperFriend’s survey underscore the critical importance of recognising and appreciating the contributions of individuals in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry.”

“By addressing the psychological hazard of Low Recognition, we can create a workplace culture that values and acknowledges employees’ efforts. Enhancing employees’ overall well-being also positively results in improved patient care outcomes,” said Darren.

This is the eighth year that SuperFriend has conducted the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey and the 2022 survey introduced updated measurement tools to capture more factors influencing workplace mental health than ever before.

Download a free copy of the 2022 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace to learn more.


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