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Innovative daily check-up call keeping elderly safe and families connected


As the number of elderly Australians living alone continues to grow, more and more older Aussies are choosing to stay at home rather than move into an aged care facility.

Care Calling Now, an Australian company is changing the way people check on their loved ones with a daily telephone call service that provides peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

The service serves as a lifesaver for loved ones who may not be able to personally check on their elderly parents, in case of a fall or any other health emergency.

For an investment of around $1 per day, families can arrange for an automated phone call to be made at a designated time each day. If a family member wishes, multiple calls throughout the day can also be arranged. When the call is answered, the person simply needs to press any number key on their phone to confirm they are okay. If there is no response to the automated call, a reminder call is made, and if there is no response to that, up to four people can be notified via text and email.

CEO of Care Calling Now Irene Manson said “We understand that checking in on one’s elderly parents can be difficult, as everyone is busy at work or looking after their own children and so forth.

Our service is automated and therefore one’s elderly family member can receive one or more calls daily, providing the rest of the family with peace of mind that everything is okay.”

Complimentary Taste-Test

The company is currently offering a 14-day free trial for a limited time, allowing people to road-test the automated phone call check-in at no cost.

Manson further highlighted “Whilst the medical alert bracelets are fine, statistics show that many older folk forget to wear it – or refuse to wear it. Whereas our check-in phone service is easy & somewhat a guardian angel style relief for the whole family.”

A customer, Andrew Rule said, “It’s an incredible service, as my mother is 90 years of age & lives alone. I have a busy lifestyle & my work commitments make it difficult for me to check on mum as regularly as I’d like to.

So this daily phone check-in on my mum gives me a huge sense of relief. I know that if she doesn’t answer the phone, I’ll be contacted quickly.”

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