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Inclusive aged care facility planned for Brisbane’s Wynnum site


The Old Wynnum Hospital will be transformed into a culturally-appropriate aged care facility for First Nations residents, with plans for additional community services, following the handover of the site to the Winnam Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation by the Federal Government.

The Old Wynnum Hospital site in Brisbane is set to undergo a transformation into a culturally-appropriate and safe aged care facility for First Nations residents.

The initiative has been made possible with the help of the Winnam Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation, which has been handed over to the site by the Federal Government. The corporation has plans to demolish the old hospital and construct a new residential aged care facility with over 30 beds.

Aunty Becky Thomson, Chair of Winnam, has emphasised the inclusive nature of the site, stating that it is not exclusive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. She said that everyone is welcome to enjoy the grounds and the community services that will be established on the site.

“We are inclusive, not exclusive, and we would like everyone to come and enjoy the grounds here and the services that will be provided here.

“The services will cover from early stages of life to end stages of life and all the stages in between,” she told ABC.

In addition to the aged care facility, the corporation is planning to establish a childcare centre, kindergarten and medical centre in future stages of development.

The redevelopment is expected to set a new standard for aged care in the region, with a design that has been co-created with Indigenous communities.

The facility will include yarning circles and areas for sorry business, features that are typically absent in traditional aged care facilities. The project has received approximately $26 million in funding from the Federal Government.

While the timeline for construction and further details are yet to be announced by the State Government, residents are eagerly anticipating the opening of the new facility.


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