How Flex Card Helps Our Senior Citizens


A flex card is a prepaid debit card issued by private Medicare plans. It is another means of assistance that senior citizens can acquire.

In 2019, a few Medicare Advantage plans started to offer additional health-related benefit coverage through flex cards. 

The benefits that Medicare Advantage plans to offer further expanded in 2020 when they started to include extra coverage that flex card holders can enjoy.  

Many seniors, especially those with chronic illnesses, find the Medicare Flex card significantly useful for their health needs. They enjoy so many benefits, such as: 

Paying For Over-The-Counter Medicines 

The first benefit of a flex card is that they can be used to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. As we age, we become more prone to illnesses, and in every medical condition we experience, we need to spend money.  

If your loved one owns a flex card, you can purchase whatever OTC medicine they need to relieve the pain or symptoms they’re experiencing. You wouldn’t need to worry about looking for cash for the necessary medicines. 

All you have to do is use their Medicare Flex card, and you will get the necessary medicine to help your loved one.  

Help In Medical Supplies and Equipment Expenses 

Aside from OTC drugs, a flex card can purchase medical supplies or equipment. For example, if your loved one is diagnosed with hypertension, having a blood pressure monitor at home is required to monitor their blood pressure regularly.  

If your loved one has a flex card, you can purchase a BP monitor without spending cash out of your pocket. Whatever medical supplies and equipment your senior loved one needs can be bought using the Flex card.  

Pay For Dental, Vision, and Hearing Care 

Another problem seniors face is deteriorating dental, vision, and hearing health. With a flex card, you wouldn’t worry about any expenses for these types of care. 

Medicare Flex card offers coverage for seniors‘ dental, hearing, and vision care. It can be used in any dental clinic, optical clinic, hearing aid provider, etc. Just make sure the provider you visit accepts Visa cards.  

Pay for Fitness Classes and Gym Membership 

Engaging in physical activities is highly encouraged if the senior citizen can still function well. Flex Card offers their senior card holder coverage for fitness classes and gym membership.  

It aims to encourage senior citizens to stay active without worrying about the expenses associated with it. If your loved one is hesitant about going to gym and fitness classes due to the cost, let them know they can use their flex card to pay for it.  

Use to Pay for Prescription Medications 

Unlike the traditional Medicare plan, where you’ll need to pay cash for your prescription medication purchases and file a reimbursement afterward, a flex card can be good as cash. Purchase your loved one’s prescription medication using the Flex card, and you can ensure they have enough medicine supply.  

Flex cards also help ensure that you can still purchase the medication of your loved ones even if you’re having financial problems. This way, the treatment of your loved one will continue despite the circumstances. 

How To Use A Flex Card 

A flex card is simple to use. It is used like a debit card, where you swipe it at the point of sale to pay for the goods and services that you acquire. You can use the card at any provider that accepts Visa or Mastercard.  

The funds will automatically be transferred from the policyholder’s account to the provider. You wouldn’t need to file a reimbursement and provide various documents to enjoy the benefits of your Medicare plan.  

However, you should note that flex cards have a limit and will reload quarterly or annually. Thus, check your card balance before every purchase to know how much you can spend on it.  

How to Become Eligible For Flex Card 

A senior will be eligible for a Medicare flex card if they’re a member of a participating Medicare plan. Additionally, the cardholder should reside within the plan’s service area that offered a flex card and was enrolled during the Medicare enrollment period. It can be either an initial enrollment period or annual enrollment.  

Only a few Medicare Advantage Plans offer a flex card to their policyholder. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of a flex card or want your loved ones to benefit from this additional feature by Medicare, you must acquire your Medicare plan from a private insurer and not from the government. So, choosing the right Medicare plan is also key to acquiring a flex card.  

Final Thoughts 

The importance of having a flex card can’t be stressed enough. If you have a senior loved one, make sure they acquire the Medicare Flex card to help them pay for the necessary medications and services they need for their health without the hassle of filing a reimbursement.  

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