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From challenges to solutions: Aged care sector comes together at the 4th Annual Aged Care Week


The aged care sector in Australia is undergoing a transformative phase, with providers embracing new approaches, innovative technologies and positive ageing initiatives within the community.

As the sector adapts to major reforms and strives to ensure business viability during disruption, Healthcare Channel’s 4th Annual Aged Care Week provided a platform for industry experts to share their insights and experiences.

Held from 21 to 23 June at ICC Sydney, the event saw participation from over 400 healthcare professionals and advocates, accompanied by 30 sponsor partners.

Delegates had the opportunity to network, engage in panel discussions and access practical tools and frameworks to enhance the customer experience, ensure financial sustainability and leverage data effectively.

The connections made and knowledge shared left the attendees empowered to embrace innovation and collaborate in developing solutions for the future of aged care.

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Amidst the evolving landscape of the sector, Aged Care Week showcased the positive and progressive transformation within the sector.

Further emphasised were key recommendations for addressing governance risks and challenges in the aged care sector, stressing the need for a clear reform agenda with specific timelines, a cohesive and connected board and the courage to take educated and well-informed risks.

These recommendations serve as guiding principles in navigating the complex aged care landscape.

The conference delved into crucial topics such as evolving care models, innovation, regulatory reform and workforce challenges. It provided a unique opportunity for professionals to collaborate, learn from best-practice case studies and gain insights into overcoming current challenges.

aged care week

St. Segius Aged Care Clinical Manager Annabelle Ang brought home confidence that their facility is in line with other organisations, along with some good experiences she can share with her colleagues.

“I really appreciate everyone’s effort in sharing how they do things in their respective facilities or organisation. I find that no matter how big or small the facility is, we all have the same purpose and objectives,” Anabelle added.

The event also highlighted the significance of ongoing innovation and collaboration within the sector, particularly in compliance requirements, increased costs, staff shortages and staff retention.

The Australian Government’s Aged Care Reform Roadmap received significant attention during the event, emphasising workforce development. The roadmap’s proposals and their implications were thoroughly discussed, allowing participants to reflect on the progress made thus far and outline future steps to provide quality care for older Australians.

Over three days, the event fostered collaboration and shared learnings among the 400+ attendees. The diverse sessions, presentations and panel discussions offered valuable insights into the changing nature of aged care and the ongoing advances in workforce, data and technology relationships.

aged care week

Reflecting on the event, Blue Ribbon Allied Health CEO Alwyn Blayse expressed gratitude for being invited to speak at the conference. He commended the audience’s engagement and highlighted the importance of genuinely involving consumers and advocates in developing solutions rather than engaging in lip service meetings.

“If we work together what’s really going on, not the world of theory, we can end abuse of older people and avoid us repeating the aged care mistakes of the past,” he said.

Testimonials from participants showcased the positive impact of the conference. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to learn from industry experts, hear about innovative approaches and share experiences with like-minded professionals.

“The conference was fantastic with a large variety of sessions on offer. It left me feeling that aged care can still find innovation even among all the legislative challenges and reforms we face,” Cranbrook Care CEO Lee Carissa said.

Director of Nursing at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre – ATSICHS Brisbane Renee Coole said, “The 4th Annual Aged Care Summit was a great 2 days. The location was great, the trades exhibitions were relevant. Topics presented were reflective of the changing nature of our sector at the moment.

“Great to meet other managers/CEOs from across Australia, so many inspirational people doing great things in Aged Care.”

aged care week

As the conference concluded, it became evident that ongoing innovation, collaboration and a person-centred approach are essential for ensuring the viability of aged care businesses in disruptive times.

The success of the 4th Annual Aged Care Week demonstrates the industry’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the face of regulatory challenges and ongoing reforms. As the sector evolves, there is a growing focus on digital transformation, preparing for the unique needs of the baby boomer generation and nurturing frontline staff to enhance care experiences. The conference catalysed collaboration, fostering a collective effort to address common difficulties and drive positive change within the aged care industry.

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