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Free incontinence training for QLD care workers, nurses and job seekers


The Aged and Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) has teamed up with the Queensland Government to offer free incontinence training for nurses, care workers and job seekers across Queensland.

With statistics showing that 70.9% of older Australians in residential aged care experience incontinence (Continence Foundation of Australia, 2019), enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals in this area is crucial and promises significant benefits.

ACCPA CEO Tom Symondson emphasised the importance of this training for individuals working in the aged and community care sector. “Upskilling workers in this domain directly improves the quality of life and autonomy of older Australians affected by incontinence,” Symondson said.

The collaboration aims to address the existing shortage of continence specialists in Australia, which currently stands at only 400-500 professionals. By providing free training, the program aims to alleviate workforce shortages and ensure that residents receive timely and effective care.

Developed by ACCPA, the program aims to fill the knowledge gap and establish standardised, industry-specific practices for incontinence management. It focuses on enhancing prevention and management techniques while reducing the risks and associated costs of adverse events.

The micro-credential program offers comprehensive training on effective continence management, covering topics such as understanding incontinence types and causes, assessment, care planning, and establishing crucial care routines. With input from TENA, a global leader in incontinence care, the modules ensure high-quality education in continence management.

Participants have the flexibility to choose individual micro-credentials or complete the entire series, with tailored pathways available for registered nurses and care workers. Upon completion, learners receive a digital badge, acknowledging their credentials and validating their achievements.

This initiative is part of the Queensland Government’s Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032, aimed at strengthening the state’s workforce and promoting quality care in the aged and community care sector.

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