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Featured Leaders 2022: Expert insights on various issues facing Australia’s healthcare sector


Healthcare Channel has featured a series of leaders in the healthcare industry, highlighting their work and insights on various issues and challenges facing the sector. 

Here is a summary of this year’s Featured Leaders, their stories and key takeaways: 

How to better manage addiction and mental health issues 

Jeff Claughton, CEO of Fresh Start, shared his experiences in leading the organisation in providing support to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. He emphasised the importance of focusing on the needs of the individual, rather than just their diagnosis, and the role of the community in recovery. 

Efforts on brain cancer research and funding 

Lance Kawaguchi, of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, discussed the organisation’s efforts to increase funding and research for brain cancer, as well as the challenges and progress made in improving patient outcomes. 

Misconceptions about early parenthood 

Astrid Tiefholz, National PIMH Connect and Care Navigator for ForWhen, highlighted the challenges perinatal mental health professionals face in providing support to mothers and families, and the importance of early intervention and access to care. 

Creating a positive work culture 

Margie Ireland, author of “The Happy Healthy Leader,” shared her insights on the importance of self-care and resilience in leadership, as well as the role of positive psychology in creating a positive work culture. 

Health issues faced by the LGBTIQ+ 

Zed Tintor, of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, discussed the health issues faced by the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia, including discrimination and stigmatisation, and the importance of inclusive and affirming healthcare. 

Empowering people with disability 

Alex Winstanley, of Happy Smiles Training, shared his experiences in empowering disabled individuals through education and employment opportunities, and the importance of inclusion and accessibility in the workplace. 

The fruit of investing in people 

Rosy Walia, of Multicultural Care, emphasised the importance of investing in people, both in terms of employee development and in providing high-quality care to clients. 

Delivering Total Care to older people

Danielle Ballantine, of Your Side Australia, discussed her role as a sector leader in quality care, and the importance of continuous learning and improvement in the healthcare industry.

Perinatal mental health specialist nationwide shortage 

Arabella Gibson, of the Gidget Foundation Australia, highlighted the shortage of perinatal mental health specialists in Australia and the importance of addressing the mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum individuals. 

Key predictors of organisational change success 

Catherine Daley, of IntegratedLiving Australia, discussed the key predictors of organisational change success in the healthcare industry, including clear communication, employee engagement, and a focus on the needs of the client. 

Building a people-centric workplace 

Lynn Bailey, of Fresh Hope Care, shared her experiences in building a people-centric work culture in an aged care facility, and the importance of valuing and supporting employees in providing high-quality care to clients.

Overall, these featured leaders have underlined the importance of focusing on the needs of individuals, investing in people, and creating a positive and inclusive work culture in the industry. 

Their insights are truly invaluable in providing guidance for professionals seeking to make a meaningful impact in the sector and to ensure that the highest quality care is provided to all patients. By following their example and adopting their approach, we can work towards creating a healthcare system that truly puts people first. 

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