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Enhancing childhood cancer support with mcrIT and Microsoft’s transformational solutions


The Kids’ Cancer Project’s mission is simply to help all kids survive cancer and live healthy lives after treatment by funding vital research into more effective treatments. Since 1993, they’ve committed over $70 million to this cause.  

Existing in the ever-changing digital age, they recognised the need to modernise their operations to better serve their community of donors and raise lifesaving funds more effectively. That’s why, in 2022, they partnered with mcrIT, and the journey towards a more efficient and secure future began. 

Before mcrIT’s involvement, The Kids’ Cancer Project was operating with a mix of outdated systems and manual backups. Their digital transformation was in the initial stages, with only email migrated to Microsoft 365.  

Legacy firewalls and on-premise file servers were still in use, relying on local Active Directory for authentication. This setup requires the use of a VPN to access the company network and poses a challenge to support remote work reliable connections.  

The mcrIT Solution 

Realising the shortcomings of the existing setup, the management team at The Kids’ Cancer Project knew they needed a more reliable and efficient solution.  

“mcrIT’s expertise in digital transformation and commitment to our cause were evident from the start. One of the most remarkable improvements was the significant enhancement in our secure score with Microsoft,” said mcrIT Head of Technology and Data Henry Yuen. 

According to Yuen, this shift represented a monumental step forward in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of the operations. 

“Our partnership with mcrIT has not only streamlined our operations but also reinforced our commitment to our cause. With their unwavering support, we’re better equipped than ever to do our best job in raising funds to support vital kids’ cancer research, all while embracing the potential of the digital age.” 

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