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Documentary drives Frasers Property Australia and ELT to combat loneliness


In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of loneliness and social isolation, Frasers Property Australia has partnered with Ending Loneliness Together (ELT) following the groundbreaking release of the documentary “The Great Separation.”

The powerful film, produced by award-winning filmmaker Shannon Swan, sheds light on the far-reaching impact of loneliness affecting a quarter of Australian adults.

Dr Michelle Lim, Scientific Chair of ELT, expressed the partnership’s objective as exploring ways to leverage ELT’s research through the communities created by Frasers Property Australia.

Frasers Property Australia’s sponsorship of “The Great Separation” documentary has provided ELT with a valuable educational asset to break down the stigma surrounding loneliness.

Through the eyes of protagonist Joey Fry, the film delves into both the harmful consequences and potential remedies to loneliness, resonating with audiences across the nation. Recognising the significance of building connections and resilience, Frasers Property plans to implement ELT’s research findings to enhance home design, public spaces and community social programs, thereby fostering a stronger sense of belonging.

Frasers Property Australia Chief Executive Officer and ELT Advisory Board Member Anthony Boyd said, “As a partner, we will work with ELT and our other partners, including Bolton Clarke, Medibank, and AIA, using research as the base to create and trial different ideas and initiatives.”

Anticipating their 100th anniversary in 2024, Frasers Property Australia envisions the lessons and insights gained from its collaboration with ELT to shape the future of community building for the next century. With over 600 dedicated team members prepared to apply their property-related expertise, Frasers Property seeks to pilot and incubate innovative initiatives that will reduce the incidence of loneliness in the communities they live and work in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the detrimental effects of social distancing and lockdown measures, leading to increased isolation among Australians. ELT reports that one in two Australians now feels more lonely due to pandemic-related restrictions. In light of this challenge, the Frasers Property-ELT partnership assumes even greater significance, focusing on supporting mental healthcare and well-being while cultivating meaningful connections within communities.

As a founding member of the Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection, ELT represents Australia in international efforts to combat loneliness and social isolation. Their collaboration with Frasers Property Australia becomes part of a larger, global endeavour to alleviate the impact of loneliness on individuals and communities worldwide.

Working hand-in-hand with the World Health Organization, ELT’s vision of creating a world free from loneliness aligns seamlessly with Frasers Property’s core purpose.

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