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Digital transformation in healthcare sector in the face of COVID-19


The world observed a global shift from precaution to prevention due to Covid-19. A clear focus on virtual and remote clinical aid has driven the urgent need for digital transformation.

We all witnessed a massive change in the Healthcare sector amidst pandemic. What was unimaginable before seems achievable in the present; making care affordable, accessible and personalized.

Situation during pandemic

In the last two years, the entire world suffered from the lack of medical facilities with a sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. This brought in extensive stress on patients, space, supplies and staff. Being in a situation of now, near, and next, we all realized and accepted the real-time need for Digital Transformation in the Healthcare sector, that’s when the healthcare narratives got altered industry-wide.

Digital Shift

With adaptive AI clinical trials & 5G Technology-based contributions, treatments have become more innovative and less invasive. Measuring health improvement goals through IoT wearable devices like fitness trackers, ECG, etc. helped in preventing the ailments before they become emergencies. Electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth proved to be of utmost help to manage patients’ information digitally which were not very common in the past.

Meanwhile, local and global predictive analytics gave insights into the trends of the disease and its impact, which helped in designing the strategic plan for future conditions.

E-recruitment and nurses placement

With the healthcare industry shifting towards digital recruitment, Walsons Healthcare has started working on making available geography-specific CV’s based on the required skill sets. By building an advanced recruitment pattern, we help nurses and doctors to get hired efficiently, helping the eco system to get the best.

With outlined strategies, Walsons Healthcare has successfully positioned 500+ nurses with the NHS and have established a strong base in India & UK, ensuring business ethics and strong compliance to the UK code of practice (CoP). We take pride in ourselves for providing highly trained and competent practitioners.

Richa Arora, Business Head of Walsons Healthcare and Background Verification looks forward to contributing to changing the narrative of staffing in healthcare sector. ‘From recruitment to training and placement has been 100% digitized with the aim of meeting the quality demand for Nursing hand.’


Original story contributed by Walsons HealthcareNote: Content has been edited for style and length.

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